The Hunt for Rigwald - Prizes by Alienware

Alienware have generously given us four Alienware Alpha micro-desktop gaming machines as prizes for a competition in the new Talisman leagues! Anyone who kills Rigwald in the new challenge leagues is eligible to win one. We'll be awarding them to two players in the Standard version and another to two players in the Hardcore version. By killing Rigwald you will also go into the draw to win one of 15 Premium Stash Tab Bundles in the Standard or Hardcore version (30 available in total). Prizes will be drawn when the league ends in early March next year!


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that's an incentive, my 3 year old rig starts to stutter in fracture maps already...

edit: and i don't even have to be on facebook!!!
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The only contest I will actually participate in. Thank you Low Thresholds

I can use more stash tabs :)
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Good Guy Alienware.
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Awesome !!!!!!!!
Oh sweet! I could use another desktop xD
Sure, the lab can be hard, but it's pretty easy if you're properly geared, and not terrible at the game.
cool cool cool
Meow meow secret mission meow


Ohh,so any verson? 60 or 80 shouldnt matter right?

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