[3.0] THEORY Ele Blade Flurry. 6-13 mil VS Shaper, 6667 life


You can see from pictures that to reach 389k, im using flasks and maxing out charges. This is maximum DPS i can reach. I also have 7.7ish ES, so having 8.8 is a huge boost over me.

The reason I have 181 - 389k is because in town i'm sitting at 189 with Auras and nothing else. That's also using concentrated effect.

When I swap Conc for Inc AOE, I have 114.3k with auras, without charges etc. This jumps to 245k at max charges and with flasks.

Versing Creeps I peak at around 245k

Versing bosses I peak around 389k

Sitting in Hideout without charges and without flasks I have 114-181k depending on what gem I use.

Having a 5 off color chest is what does it IMO. I can focus exclusively on physical damage and the elemental Auras I have can scale off of that, rather than me trying to invest in both areas using added fire, etc.

I'll upload a video of me fighting Atziri in the next week or so. I'm saving my ass off atm, spending nothing to try and get a Loath Bane. I'm at 41 ex!!!

i finished my lvl 3 enlighten, swap for the version of tree i posted before, 33% block chance without rumi's flask 85k of dps only with auras, 9086 of total ES, i also 2x vaal discipline what i think its a 'must have' to fight with the atziri trio, do you already tested the DPS with CoE?

Using Vaal discipline when versing the Guardians before Atziri is a great idea. I sometimes die once when fighting them, though never more than once.

I always aim for the bleeding bitch first as she's what does all the damage. Atziri is much easier than the guardians and vaal dies within 1 second.

I'm going to drop Herald of Ash and go Blasphemy>Assassin's Mark when I get a lvl4 enlighten. This wil see a tooltip dps drop, though the increase in crit multi wil be huge and constant.
try the tree below to use Blasphemy with a enlighten lvl 3, i guess the problem will be fit all the 3 auras with the enlighten, since for do it on a single piece u will need a 5L, so u need 2x enlighten lvl 3.
with the tree below u will lose dps and a bit o es but at last you can try before you buy a expansive `upgrade` (enlighten lvl 4)

Hey mate

thanks for the info! I had a look and it looks like a good idea. I will have to drop my glove's links so i can use a lvl 3 and a lvl 4 enlighten. I will also need another passive for the -4% mana reserve so I can run 2 auras and blasphemy. using the aura calculator I should be around the same amount of mana im on now which is MORE than enough :D

I'm thinking of dropping PCoC
for inervate.

Considering I don't even notice the charges i get from this because im always at max with
, i'm this could be a permanent 20% boost to attack and movement speed...

Let's find out!
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i guess the Innervate its a bad idea for it be effective you will need to convert part of your damage to lightning and doing this the life leech and mana leech will be less effective.
I tried using innervate and when the onslaught popped, it was amazing. 20% movement and attack speed is an insane buff when we're already using blood rage at maximum frenzy charges.

The thing is I kill all mobs too fast for the effect to pop frequently enough. I'm not satisfied with the PCoC set up, as doedre's has made it redundant. I don't even curse anything but bosses anymore.

If anyone could suggest a 4link set up to use that would be great. Riposte, Reckoning and Vengeance allow me to afk in all tiers below 10 and obliterate anything they hit doing over 10k average per hit without charges.

Maybe something to buff their damage would be better?

Thanks for viewing!

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