[3.0] THEORY Ele Blade Flurry. 6-13 mil VS Shaper, 6667 life


I'm making a new character. I haven't seen anyone using this build, though I was inspired from a Blade Flurry Berserker Build found here:
- https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1769014/page/1

This is my character at level 79



I'm getting around 8k average damage atm and 0.14 attack speed with totem up.

life pool is only 4.3/416 atm, but it's getting there!

The helm gives free frenzy charges and massively buffs shield charge. The setup also gives power charges so that's a bonus. Putting BF in the helm gives more damage, but less attack speed.



I'll be posting updates on this forum every now and then, though I'll probably end up making a new build.
Thanks for the update!

I've been wanting to try a trickster build for a long time, and I'm not interested in ED or flicker strike. It's good to see the update version of it, I will give it a try once I get more time.

By the way, what is the defense mechanics for this new version in 3.0? And any recommendation of which ascendancy points to take if I use trickster?
Hey everyone

I'm going to revive this build soon, though it's seen some changes! We're still using Shadow, and we're still using Blade Flurry though!

Since GGG removed instant leech from CI melee builds, there's little opportunity to safely play t15 + maps without having to remain very aware, kite regularly and increase life leech rate.

I'm playing in Harbinger ATM, though i've been preparing the build in PoB using items found in league, ultimately using the currency i've built in std to finish the build. I can't afford to flesh out theory crafted builds in the new league yet I'm sorry! I'll try to make the build before league ends, though I guarantee the build will start once Harbinger ends.

The problem with a theory build would be that I wouldn't be able to demonstrate the build playing t16 maps yet as it would be purely theory. I detest people who make theory builds, claim they're legit, though have 6xt1 essence rolled gear, then call you retarded when you question the legitimacy of the build. So I want to keep the profile unlocked, and prove the build's capability with videos, like I've always done.

Working on pastebin

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Hey everyone

Here's a pastebin for what I've been working on.


The above includes some items from league that I'm currently using and isn't min-maxed. it has 6667 life and 6 mil dps vs shaper. There's no legacy items, though there is a 420 dps dagger.

Here's a pastebin for items you can get in Standard. (Both are the same pastebin, though configured differently. So you can use either and play with them).


The above has 6667 life and 12.8 mill damage VS shaper

The build gets to 16.4 mill VS shaper with frenzy charges.

The build gets up to 26 mil fully buffed.


I hope I've included enough items for you to play around and get a realistic feel for what you can achieve with the same or similar items.


Here's the mapping set up using Bisco's and a Sybil's with Harbinger Gear.

3.6 mil AOE Mapping dps with 6.7k life

Thank you very much for the update!
I've been looking forward to play blade flurry for quite some time, I believe I will have a good time
link die?
Hey all

Here's a video of the build but marauder. The shadow variant will do more damage, though won't have 100% instant life leech.

Shadow will have much better crit, accuracy, damage and take less damage. The issue is it will have lower hp by roughly 300-700.

ANyway here's a video of my current Harbinger Berserker doing all t16 Guardians and Shaper.


This is my current pastebin with my marauder.


Do you use the same tree for reave ?

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