[3.0] THEORY Ele Blade Flurry. 6-13 mil VS Shaper, 6667 life

Updated with levelling passive trees.
i pass this week testing some alternatives to abyssus due the massive amount of damage you take by using it and i`ll use the rat`s nest until i buy the loath bane, it is better for defence and leech since we use acuity and we need to crit to insta leech, with abyssus i was at 66% of crit chance and now at 88%. you will lose a good amount of damage due te abyssus of curse, but i guess it works better.
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Hey mate

Thanks for suggestion!

I tested out using CoE and I dropped to about 350kDPS, though I only got another 1000 ES. This gave me 4% total leech without warlord's mark. This is enough to face tank mobs until t15 as I have about 6.2k armor when using flasks. I thought that losing 260k dps wasn't worth the 1000ES or the phys reduction as things that 1 shot you, do more damage that 8.8k es anyway. I've spent months tormenting myself about whether or not the phys reduction is worth the very minor ES boost, and my conclusion is that without loath bane, or multiple other items like 3+T1 accessories, it's not. When i Get to level 94, I'm going to start running uber to see how I go.

I don't recommend using evasion gear as the drop in armor, es or both outweighs the benefits of reaching extra crit chance. Currently i'm at 82% crit chance with 90% accuracy without charges.


this is my actual gear
about use evasion gear, i guess it don`t matter anyway, abyssus give you armour but multiplicate the damage you take.
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I purchased a level 20 Vaal Reave and I have to say it's the best clear-speed upgrade in a while. The aoe is just nonsense!

Also I've uploaded an Atziri Run.

Thanks for watching!
i definitely need to upgrade my dagger `-`
your clear speed is much better, due i use the bino`s of course. :\
I used Bino's for 2 years and it was amazing. It buffs everyone's Life Recovery like mad. It also keeps your golem alive!

I spent 80 ex on this dagger. I was saving for a Loath and I was planning on selling my Atziri gauntlets, though I randomly looked for something for 80 or less and i found this. Lucky me!

It's about 50% worse at 1/3 the price, so I thought it was worth it!

If you're looking to upgrade, check every day. People will instantly buy anything that's ever remotely cheap so they can add 50ex on top. This is why when you look on poe.trade, there's less than 10 people who own everything. They don't play, they only flip.

Currently only have a 5-link for reave. What support do you think is best to drop?
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Hey mate

Depends on colors of the links.

GGRRR - Reave, Faster attacks, Added phys, melee on full life and multi.

These 5 are core to the build, however if I had to drop one it would probably be melee on full life or added melee. Faster attacks and multistrike is where we get our stacks from which are crucial to clear speed.

If you have a blue socket, then I would go with added critical multiplier until you have enough DPS for Increased AOE and Concentrated effect. One for mobs and other for bosses.

Hope this helps!

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