Sneak Peek of Ascendancy Supporter Packs!

I don't use pets, but pets are better than those wretched demon things. As long as they're not as loud as the chicken, I can toss them in my hideout.

I really wish there was a mute button for my chicken.

I'll be buying.
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Can't wait to see the new packs.
Can't wait to pick one up! I really appreciate all the work that you beautiful specimens at GGG do and am happy to support you. :)
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Hibernating till Friday.
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PeakingDuck wrote:
Hibernating till Friday.

Shouldn't that be Hypernating till Friday? ;-)
Ascension tied to Lab is the worst thing GGG has done...apart from GGG's philosophy on Trading. Oh and Gambling Loot boxes. And selling out to tencent.

I used to love GGG. I supported to ensure GGG remained independent, now I just wish I could get my money back. -_-
"Points purchases from the start of the 13th of November Pacific time onwards can be counted towards these supporter packs. If you'd like to upgrade to a supporter pack you can credit points towards up to 80% of the value of the desired supporter pack."

If I want to buy a second tier pack , I can spend 30$ now for 300 points, use 275 points which is 50% of a 60$ pack 550 points, then pay another 30$ for the other 50% of the pack, comparing to straight up 60$ = 550 points, I have 25 points more and all the pack perks.

Is that it?
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Heey GGG! Pleeeease! Please, please make theese supporter packs more appealing than one pet per pack or more wep enchants..(portals we alrdy got shitload of aswell, if u were planning on copy the pet and portal packs.)

I belive that decision will give the smallest contribution so far, for maybe the greatest expansion. The hype is more than real now and there is so much going in PoE to do right now before ascendancy and people love it, so please make your fkin best with these supporter packs!

It can pay for at least 2 expansions more! WIN WIN WIN WIN for whole community and GGG that we love to give our money they well deserve!

One pet(maybe different races?) per pack just as a bonus like with rhoas (dont need to be rhoas now though an albino would be nice as the last pack. A skelly bro would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E) would be nice, and the other part is the EPIC pack reward((*petbonus*)).

I were hoping there would be some brutal back attachement(not nececarelly big, simple is good, but good themed.) or char effect coming up.
(or at least some enchant for some gear, not replacing the skin, just a simple glow like classic head enchants, but now for shoulders(could be on chest/gloves/head), gloves, chest etc.)
(gore/demon/hell theme preffered. Realistic angels not glowing, more saint/"emeprial" robe look).

Now with this "dark creepy emperial nightmarish demon and undead era". I love, the more gore, unpleasent torture stuff; it gives BOTH chills up your spine and gives a good laugh many times(which is AWESOME).

The traps and the labyrinth is brilliant ideas!
Im just worried portals in the labyrinth wont work in HC? So we will have to be good geared before the next talent tree.. (good time sink people will LOVE after the first hate(rip) wave ;))

The subclasses will really make the game more interessting for builds, diversety and a characters personality which can be very good in long terms for a game, both for newbies and veterans.

Even more diversety in the mid-late-"end" game builds! Even if most people wont see it in the first glance, theory crafting takes a great "education" and mostly "dedication", it can drive a man mad but the sanity is much clearer when your done and came out of the beloved hell also called heaven for those there.
Sure, hopefully my 2H Mace Groundslammer Witch wont be buffed, but Im sure I can work her out in a really cool niche way I couldnt before! No marauder will come close to that build im sure, hehe!

More progress! More grind!
I love that!

Make some brutal back attachement. Not fantasy overdriven, but brutal with your amazing style.(Rather gore/corruption/energy than light) And I'd purchase the highest pack the minute it went live. I WANT THAT! RNGsus and GGG, please bless me, I,ll make offerings daily at solaris and before Malachai. May the PoE Gods answear.
May the RNG be with you.
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Chameleon wrote:
PeakingDuck wrote:
Hibernating till Friday.

Shouldn't that be Hypernating till Friday? ;-)

Haha, I had actually thought of that. The sneak peek didn't cut it for me though.

But um... Hypernating till Ascendancy! :)
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Not even a dime from me. Maybe once the xpac comes out. Not big on pre orders.
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