Sneak Peek of Ascendancy Supporter Packs!

Does this include my lion from Daresso? :D
I rediscover the game 2 days ago, and since then, for these 2 days, I can't stop to play this wonderful game.

This Friday I will support you! GGG!!!!! =).
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I'm really happy with the way you sell your extensions. I'm a huge fan of your Soundtrack and I'm very glad I'm able to get them with the supporter packs. I'll be there friday. By the way, do you plan on providing a way to buy old OSTs ? The only one I missed was the Forsaken Masters one, and I would really love to complete my collection !
Thanks !
what pack level will include the inevitable closed beta access?
I like to support GGG because I think Path of Exile is a fantastic game worth what I've paid for it so far.

But I have to say I'm not feeling it this time. Like many others have said - stll no t-shirt.
So I feel very let down and not very excited for new packs. I MIGHT purchase one but that depends on what we get and how the service is this time around.

Hopefully what's said in the OP is true.

Regardless we're still waiting for Awakeneing tshirts, and I would like an official response so we know we're not forgotten.
Just give an option to choose physical goods or no physical goods (cheaper).
I also think like armour/ weapon skins/ shields skins, maybe stuff like unique totem/ minions skins would do better than pet no. 50. I was not a fan of the last supporter packs.

I can see some cool packs befitting the expansion:

Warrior line, ranger line, caster line, physical goods.

Warrior comes with assorted weapon skins, the better the pack the more you get. (sword, axe, shield).
Ranger comes with unique quiver skins and bow skins.
Caster comes with totem/ minion/ new released spell skins.
Physical goods is your pet pack and typical GGG gear, maybe some death traps that you can put in your hideout.

I would price these cheaper than before, not that you won;t get a lot out of it, but because you might want people to have some room buying the warrior and ranger packs, that way they do spend more than they would normally.

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Proud to be a GGG Supporter!
cant wait for the new packs!
Hopefully there isn't too much focus on pets and if so better looking ones. That one doesn't match anything I play so out of character for me.

Also... still no shirt >.> been over 2 months now

For those wondering what an official response might look like I got this via email.

Hi there,

Thanks for checking this with us! Fortunately our items have been re-stocked recently and we are working through the backlog as fast as we can.

I'm afraid we do not have any specific shipping details for you, but I can confirm that your shipping details have been sent to the dispatch centre for processing and hopefully you should receive your shirt soon.

Please let us know if you have any more questions!

Kind regards,
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dkducanh wrote:
i still havent get my t shirt :(((((

It's been over a year for me. Still no shirts and I have ought multiple supports packs. I am not saying GGG is malicious, but they are definitely unorganized.

$10 someone form GGG emails me (for the 8th time), apologizes and asks me for my address again. I gave up trying to get my stuff.
Ive always said that PoE has the best free to play business model out there. You really put a lot of work into making awesome aesthetics without any "need to buy" items...Its why I have no problem throwing money at this game every so often now.

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