(3.9) CI 9.7k ES/Eva/Block Hybrid Flicker Strike/ Blade Flurry Trickster BUFFED

Toma_Hawk wrote:

do you got a lvling guide ?
what gear is preferable ?
what str/int/dex do i need at lvl 50,60,70,80 ?
interesting build
OP, ur dps is 54k, not 540k.
Pls, if anyone could share a short movie would be great. Build looks awesome but I'm new PoE player and I want to watch how gameplay looks.
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flyaway_kong wrote:
OP, ur dps is 54k, not 540k.

It's not DPS on that Screenshot, it says Damage Per Use! You multiply it by attack's per second.

Since 2.0 Lvling with FLicker is close to impossible.

I Recommend to play Life based at the beginning, so take all the Life node's from Shadow , Witch and between them.
Slowly gear your Character with Evasion/Energyshield gear.
After you get a chunky amount of 5000 Energyshield, you can start respecing into evasion/energyshield nodes and spec out life, until you can push to 7000 and more Energyshield with CI.

Remember that you will have a hard time with Bloodrage degen when you are Life/Energyshield based.
So as leveling i prefer Reave, you also have less stress colouring your Chest since, you can run increased Area of Effect or Conc effect.

After all, FLicker strike will be still a costy build, but with a bino's in a realistic price range as
a beginning.

I will try to make a Video with a friend, since my Laptop is not strong enough
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Thx man. GL :)
Gonna try this build out now.
Extremely short on time - want to ask a few things fast:

I play on hc only.

Why do you say that you randomly die with this build? I have a 2h-flicker duelist and I am pretty dodgy and tanky. Is this one too frail? Wanted to make a flicker strike crit poisoner :/

Do you think what I want will work on hc? Thanks.
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Hey guys,

I think I can help you out with the leveling. Right now I'm level 38, just started yesterday, and I'm following this build point to point on the passive tree so far, I'm very squishy but damn do I do damage. Regular mobs are a joke and bosses do require some preparation but I'm sure it's only because I'm so unexperienced. I'm using Lightning Strike for my main clear and my ranged attack when I need to avoid getting close to some mobs, obviously... Frenzy to stack up some charges for more damage, Whirling Blades for extremely fast map clears and MORE importantly fast retreating when I need to. I got my resistances capped thanks to Goldrim Leather Cap, I'm using Ungils Gauche Boot Knife as my weapon for now. Just got my Ice Golem and I love it. It takes a lot of hits for me, which is extremely useful since I really don't wanna be up close to mobs for long and it let's me let it loose on them instead of kitting some stronger enemies. I'm using Hatred and Clarity and I extremely rarely run out of mana, unless I'm spamming Whirling Blades. I'd love to have a Granite Flask but I could't find it and could't trade it. Everyones playing talisman it seems.

Oh and I'm playing hardcore and haven't died so far. I'm very happy with this since I'm a new player and clearing the game on HC is really an achievement for me.

Thanks for the build and good luck to everyone.
Is using a HoT-CoH setup still better than using Blasphemy? Especially for a skill that moves as quickly as Flicker?

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