(3.9) CI 9.7k ES/Eva/Block Hybrid Flicker Strike/ Blade Flurry Trickster BUFFED


Hello! Sorry for late reply, if you want defense, get stuff like Foresight or Soul of steel.
If you want more dps, get Dismembering or Disemboweling (Crit., Crit. Multi)

The Timelessjewel is giving me
-5% chance to deal double Damage
+15% Melee Critical Damage Multiplier
-20% increased Physical Damage
-40% increased Melee Damage
+58 Strength (5 Strength =1% increased Melee Phys. Damage, 10 Strength= 2% increased Energy Shield)

New Video up too!
It's been a while but i did my best to gice you vuys a nice overview about the current state of the Build :)

Could I get some advice on what I need to do with my build? I converted my ED/Con trickster to this build, so I probably missed something important along the way.

https://pastebin.com/Lvzu5p5m or the character on my account is Mein_Tricksy

I'm fine clearing most packs, but some I just get stuck in. Things like ele resistant and extra life seem to slow me down. I'm up to yellow maps and able to do okay.

I have plenty of regrets to move the tree around. I wasn't sure exactly what to take as a priority.
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Your build is a beauty, thanks Toma_Hawk ^^

I'm still a new player (Blight is only my second league), and I'm trying to find my 3.9 build as I've got far too little knowledge and time to create one on my own, and I'm thinking about trying this one (I only play melee and I'm a bit fed up with cyclone).

I would have a few questions though (sorry if they've already been answered somewhere in the 108 pages) :
- can this build delve decently to depth 200~300 where some of the good stuff is ? I mean with only blade furry as I guess it's undoable to use flicker strike in mine
- as shaper/elder items will probably be harder to find in 3.9, would there be any decent replacement to Shaper's Touch ?

Thanks for the hard work and hope you'll be able to update it for 3.9 !
Hey sorry for the very very late reply.

Delving should be ok, the defense is definitly there.

Shaper's touch might be expensive but they are a core item of this build.

The Build has not changed yet i try to improve it, since the dps feel a bit lackluster due to the boss buffs.

currently playing around with a version that is using impale, still keeping herald of ice for the juicy aoe clear.
Hi Toma, I wanted to start out this build but is there any full rare set recommended? It is really interesting when I find out CI.BF

You mean equipped with rares only on this build?

I had the idea couple days ago, but the uniques used are hard to be replaced, except the helmet.

Tried to get some crit. strikes for attacks on the chest, failed.. but.. i think it's alright how it is now :3

#1(?) ES/EVA chest in Std.

Thanks Toma. I was looking for CIBF build but feels something is not right in the PoB built by myself. I just started out this game.
PiPiEmperor wrote:
Thanks Toma. I was looking for CIBF build but feels something is not right in the PoB built by myself. I just started out this game.

I'm sorry I have questions again~
Would it be good to switch Hatred to Pride+Blood&Sand
And add Precision atleast Level 1 to combo with a good Watcher's Eye for higher dps? Or it is actually lower than that?
still good on delirium league?
And, what about cluster jewels/oils?

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