[Fast, Cheap, Easy] Insane ComK - for 2.1 Atziri Viable

Just wanted to post and show my appreciation for this excellent build. esna, really, props man, this has been so much fun so far and so effective (cheap too, which is HUGE). I almost never post here, but this build is just awesome, and smooth, and interesting. Thank you.

I am softcore talisman currently doing about tier 7 maps with this and a 5L, just did an increased lightning damage double boss terrace that scared the crap out of me, and I was so happy to do Rigwald on my very first try. Epic fights.

A few tips to anyone leveling up / doing maps:
-Ancestral bond is a BIG luxury. So worth it, those respec points are to be used.
-It's not hard to get a 5L for cheap on poe.trade before you have the funds for daresso's, and it works fine.
-When you get to (scary) map bosses you dont need CoMK or ice nova, swap for conc and LGoH(perfect colors)
-Resist flasks with % armour are great for bosses, some are just mechanically difficult but challenging and fun. Temple Piety, Graveyard Mervail, looking at you (# proj can be tough for anyone)
-I like fortify on leap slam and every once in a while, the ability to stand still (to dodge projs) with a heavy strike setup has been clutch.

One annoyance is that daressos means you can't really have the endurance charges up for bosses, but I have been making do.

esna (or anyone else), idk if you still check this, but while I'm here, I have a few questions:

-I'm looking at Koams Heart as an upgrade. I think I can sacrifice the gem slots. Good idea? Any significant drawbacks?

-Oh, and not sure if you answered this already, but would life leech be any better than LGoH?

edit: Added dashes for clarity. And thanks again!
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Was thinking of trying out CoMK in Ascendancy. Possibly.

I like your build. Was just thinking if it would be worth it to drop BM and use mana.
You already get some mana regen from Templar start and Quick recovery. If it's not enough I could also grab Unrelenting/Shaper.

Auras I'd use would be Anger and probably smth defensive to make up for lost health. Thinking about Blasphemy with Enfeeble or Temp chains. There is also a possibility of grabbing Warlord's Mark and dropping all that mana nodes.
Of course going balls deep offensively is also an option. That is, using flammability.

What do you think?
So I've got this build @ 83 and can't do just about any map over T8.

I made some minor changes, but have higher stats than with the gear in the first post.

5.3k life

18k AoE (With frenzy charges)

Resists ~70+ for elements, -17chaos res

I don't run blood magic, instead run haste w/ mana reserved for extra attack/run speed.

I genuinely don't know what I'm doing wrong, or how this build is viable end-game beyond the easier maps. I must've screwed it up somehow. It's fun, but it's just too squishy/low dps...Gonna make a caster or something now I suppose.
*Zoaa Could you link your items/tree or just make your character visible for others to see? I'm curious cause in a couple of days I'll start playing this character.

I'll run slightly modified version.

This + 1 Elreon ring, Lv 10 Clarity on hp and some slight mana regen on jewelry should be enough to run on mana with no issues. It's a 113 points tree, but you can probably ignore nodes under Barbarism and Templar 2 elemental nodes till the end. It has "only" 180% hp compared to OP's tree but has 5 jewel slots in it.

Main link same as in the guide. For single target I'm thinking about using Ice Crash-WED-Fire Pen-Conc effect-(FA/Multi)-(FA/Multi) for singl target.

I'll use Anger and Flammability on Blasphemy against easier maps/Enfeeble against bosses and harder maps.

When it comes to jewels, I have already bought 2. They were quite cheap and I think are great for this character.
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I'll be testing and streaming this build for aslong as I dont get ripped a new Ahole. My twitch name is Bijlstra.
Could picking Avatar of Fire passive and using it with Purity of Fire + Ruby flask work to boost the defenses of the build?
Unsure if anyone has mentioned this, but dropping a white Deadhand Talisman on bosses will given you an infinite supply of one-shottable minions to proc your melee kills.
Chieftain will give this Build a Buff.

But we would still be squishy i guess - not really updating this Build anymore.
But you guys posted some nice suggestions.

There is this new unique ring with 1 Aura without reservation, will be huge aswell.
Saw a similar build to this with witch elementalist may be interesting
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can you post some updated leveling trees? I'm currently doing this in Ascendency, but it's a tough decision deciding where to go from the updated tree in the second post.

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