Build of the Week: Cast When Damage Taken - Extreme Edition

This character is described as an “Extreme” variant of the “Cast when Drinking Potions” build that was first developed last December, and it's designed to see just how far it can take the concept.

Thank you to Chris for doing the voiceover and to Dan for writing the script! If you'd like to know more about this build, please check out the author's build guide.
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Cool stuff!
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Hahaha was waiting for something crazy like this. Love that gem.
Path of Exile; A world where you are free from pay to win. Unlimited builds, vast enemy mods and a strong end game. Unrivaled community in real life and rewarding developers.
Path of exile is one of the best ARPGS created/ Died 25 times to 1 boss in Path of Exile and would rip again.
That's just brutal!
IGN: Exalon
Doedre elixir no longer vendor thrash!
Cheese. A fine cheese, but cheese none the less.
there it is. noice ^^
I LOVE these new builds of the week. they actually show REALLY cool builds that have all sorts of crazy interactions.
Sure, the lab can be hard, but it's pretty easy if you're properly geared, and not terrible at the game.

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