[2.1] How to BM Crit Flame Totem - HC/SC - Up to 100k Tooltip Dps

Hi Nani
_HellBound_ here about skill tree
Not quite the same but in 2.2, I decided to keep using the witch for the chaos crit dual FT.

However, instead of using blood magic, I use the Occultist ascendancy class to have more ES and then use the ES via Eldritch Battery to cast FT non-stop without any mana issues.

Also the occultist node that reduce enemy chaos resist by 20% up close is pretty great.

Here is the skill tree (Level 89):

However, I am playing in standard and still have my 75% consuming dark.

Tooltip DPS with just anger : 103K
Tooltip DPS with anger + VH + atziri flask : 136K

Those are with same gems, level 3 empower, level 21 FT and other gems are not all 20 yet.

See my profile on character UselessBoneBag for gear
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Hoping for an update for this build in ascendancy 2.2, looking forward to using this build and hopefully its viable again :)

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