[2.1] How to BM Crit Flame Totem - HC/SC - Up to 100k Tooltip Dps

It seems GGG either fucked up some numbers or made some last minute changes but the Dmg values at gem lvl 20+ dont correspond to their Patch notes statement.

All in All i lost 20% damage in my gear/tree.

This is rough. Not build breaking but rough. Especially so because it was communicated that At endgame levels it was supposed to be a "buff".

I am currently not quite sure on the most optimal tree but going with the closest version to the 2.0 one.


Feel free to use this.
is this build still uber viable after the 2.1 changes?
Just wanted to say that i truly enjoy the build thus far in HC tali and i was hoping to get some input on future gear progress and whether im on the right track.

This is my gear atm (Level 69)


This is my tree atm:

Currently im sitting on 7k dps per totem and 3.5k life with 1.2k ES and capped resists.

Any Suggestions on what should i prioritize upgrading next and any other pointers are welcomed :)

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neckro666 wrote:
is this build still uber viable after the 2.1 changes?

I recently replaced Added lightning with Controlled destruction and basically achieved the same dps as pre 2.1.

So from a dmg perspective its uber viable.

The spears hurt a lot more so its makes it a tad bit harder but It shouldnt break the viability to do Uber.

Again, not recommended for hardcore uber at all but for softcore, yeah.

Core Item though for that as recently noticed: Vaal lightning trap makes the whole deal a lot more smoother.

Use it on Double vaals and 1 of the 3 charges per split phase to burn them faster down.

hi, playing crit totem too, almost same gear and tree and 6L...i got 40K dps in town, but hell how u get 100K per totem ;) =?

so or so , really fun to play.

happy new year

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Is a dagger with 80% global crit a suitable weapon?
Why do you use wands, only for projectile speed?

thx in advance
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Any ideas about running BM gem with Flame Totem setup and use Auras/Blasphemy Curses or Heralds/Arctic Armor?

With 3 Dragons, could it not be good to have the heralds + AA running?
The new updated Skill tree I recommend following for now is this
At the top of the First post of this thread.
I fallowed the link when the season first game out.
It said to not take blood magic...
Thats what it said like 2 weeks ago too.
Now today I check it..
Now it says to take blood magic.....
Before and after,what still doesn't make any god damn sense to me is..
eldritch battery - Removes life shield, and converts it into a mana Shield
Mortal conviction... 50% less mana reserve...

I don't understand why you would want 50% mana pool?
First build, didn't have blood magic.. but had elderitch battery
You don't really use up all that much mana in this game in the 2.1 patch.

Now with this new latest updated passive tree
You have blood magic... still have elderitch battery...
so your going to have a 0% or 50% mana pool depending if you take Mortal Conviction...
You have no need for mana... so elderitch battery is a waste of a passive point?
Also its a waste of free Life Shield. ( haven't tested but ) if blood magic , and elderwitch battery does in fact... takes out the mana's shield before life.. well its still a waste of a passive point ha ha...

Otherwise mind over matter... 30% meh.. its like a 5 to 7% extra life method. ( depends on mana ) .

Anyways Clear minds jewel ... can't have any Reserved mana. otherwise you lose out on that 60% increased spell damage...

So now Im confused at this point
Either use blood magic... or do not use blood magic...
Because if i Use blood magic... then there is no point for me to have clear mind jewel
for only 29% mana regen rate really...
hi there Tyran, any updates for 2.2?

just wondering how well elementalist/inquisitor will work with this build
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Hi man! Any updates for this? Running Perandus with an Inquisitor and taking Essence Worm to get a free aura while in Blood Magic. We get free gem slot with the negation of resist on crit strike hit. This is a huge dps boost right?

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