Reduced Mana Cost

Mark_GGG wrote:
The main effect of the gem is the mana cost multiplier (we need to find a better name for these). This as with the multipliers on all supports, affect both mana costs and mana reservation amounts.

The quality bonus is a stat which reduces mana costs. It does not apply to mana reservation, only costs. As I mentioned in another thread, I've suggested to Carl that we could add reservation reduction to the quality bonus as well, but I have no idea of the balance implications of that. We'll see.

Please do this.
The way the current gem works isnt intuitive enough.
The base gem decreases the mana reservation for auras.
I immediately assumed that the additional "reduced mana cost" that comes with gem quality would therefore also work on the mana reservation.
I used 20 gcp on the gem before finding out that i was wrong.

We are almost in Open Beta, so the wasted gcp arent really an issue for me since they would have been wiped anyways, but i can definitely see other people doing the same mistake in the Open Beta, wasting all their gems for something that they dont need.

At the very least consider rephrasing the tooltip, so that it becomes clear that the quality effect only works on manacost (and not reservation).
I'm lost... Does the reduced mana cost works with aura that has reservation in numbered mana (such as discipline) ?
Currently it does not seems to work...
this support gem does work on reserve, passives that specifically say resurve work too. passives that just say mana, doesn't' work, same for the quality portion of this gem.
Is this additive of multiplicative with the 'Reduced Mana Reservation' nodes?
If one were to use blood magic, and support ones auras with this skill gem, I certainly hope it wouldn't decrease the effectiveness of the 'Reduced Mana Reservation' nodes, because they would go from 5% each to 3.75% each, which is ridiculously worthless. They are worthless enough skill nodes to begin with...
In-Game-Name: Lezli
Mana Multipliers are multiplicative; the Quality effect is simply Reduced Mana Cost as found on passives. Auras don't have a Mana Cost though, so there's that.
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Is this a worlddrop or can you get it as a reward?
Also does ist reduce the amount of mana that tempest shield consumes?
can drop yes, str classes get as quest reward last i heard/remember.
yes it'll reduce reserve amounts.
soul4hdwn wrote:
can drop yes, str classes get as quest reward last i heard/remember.
yes it'll reduce reserve amounts.

does the +quality effect on reduced mana support gem also affect reserve amounts?

also if you are using blood magic to reserve health instead of mana, does reduced MANA cost support still affect the amount of health reserved?
Reduced Mana's quality effect is Reduced Cost. Auras don't have a Mana Cost.

Mana cost multipliers are applied before conversion to Life cost.
I have one question about the reduced mana cost,

The Reduced mana cost support gem says: "Mana cost Multiplier:90%".

Why is it not called "Mana cost Reduced:10%" it confuses me,

I had to look up on the forum what the exact meaning for it was.

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