Reduced Mana Cost

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All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
Balance & Design
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
TheRabbit303 wrote:
It should be Additive. Both say "Reduced" which is the keyword for additive multipliers.
The support gem's effect from quality is the same as the passives - an additive % reduction in mana cost.

The main effect of the gem is done by the mana cost multiplier, which is multiplicative with other support's multipliers and used to calculate the base cost of the skill, which the passives (and quality) will then affect.
The main effect of the gem is the mana cost multiplier (we need to find a better name for these). This as with the multipliers on all supports, affect both mana costs and mana reservation amounts.

The quality bonus is a stat which reduces mana costs. It does not apply to mana reservation, only costs. As I mentioned in another thread, I've suggested to Carl that we could add reservation reduction to the quality bonus as well, but I have no idea of the balance implications of that. We'll see.

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