Reduced Mana Cost

This gem's utterly worthless now. The only skills that cost a great deal of mana are the ones in your 6Ls, in which you want as much damage scaling as possible.

If you need this gem, either your tree or your equipment are badly fubar'd.
This gem is everything else but useless. Because of it's extraordinary recognizability I like to place them next to not finished crafting attempts in my stash. That way, whenever I scroll through my stash, I'm reminded that I still have to work on said items.
I am curious if the design team would be interested in giving this gem a small more multiplier like less duration and pierce to make it a somewhat attractive option. That could make it interesting and useful for some builds.
"Press F to pay respects" is all that comes to mind for this gem really.
Correct me but this gem was very popular to 2.0.0 and now it's rarther useless. So it was basically used with auras. In 2.0.0 enlighten took it primary functions. Why keeping it in game?
After your amazing "Balance" you pretty much made this gem into another gem to "Hide" loot filters section. you should give this gem some superior boost or restore old status with true balance instead of pure RIP
Ginbuza Zinvurilian
I might be stupid, but are those reduced mana cost multipliers from tree and reduced mana support additive or separate multipliers?

Like 50% + 50% mana cost reductions

10 * 0,5 * 0,5 = 2.5
10 * 0 = 0

Going down with mana cost on single skill to 0 without Elreon jewellery might work, altho loosing 20% average multiplier per socket
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3.13 was the golden age. Down the drain we go.
Same case as every other modifier; Increased and Reduced type modifiers are additive.
name is changed inspiration support. and gem mechanic is fine but:

cosuming sound is very annoying every single time it consumed please remove the sound notifications of consumed inspiration charges.

thank you
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Can we add the max inspiration charge in the gem description ?

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