Yes, it works, and is incredibly broken with the new Barrage skill.
Sorry Exile, but your loot is in another dungeon!
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Delirii wrote:
Yes, it works, and is incredibly broken with the new Barrage skill.

Uh oh... How will they manage to fix this?

In the meantime, brb making a ranger.
Two questions about Knockback and other supports.

What is the "duration", if you will, of Knockback? Is an enemy just teleported instantaneously to another spot?

And on a similar note, if you have, say, Double Strike + Melee Splash + Cast on Melee Kill + Freezing Pulse + Knockback all linked up, what happens first? Knockback from Double Strike on an enemy, or Cast on Melee Kill from another enemy you just killed at the same time? Would Freezing Pulse take a damage penalty (even though it's just a sliver, or even just theoretical) from the enemy being knocked back, or is Freezing Pulse going first and then the enemy being knocked back?
knockback is instant.

foes potentially get knocked back a second time, however freeze pulse's damage depends on how close the foe is to you, so yes a tiny damage reduction.
On a similar note, would instantly hitting spells like Cold Snap come before or after knockback?
every "on hit" effect in the game happens when the source hit lands. this includes order of events and travel time. if a skill is instant, so is when the on hit effects. damage calculation for a distance happens before effects.

in the melee kill support scenario, the second knockdown would be as instant as the spell itself... but only after the first knockback from the melee's hit.
Cool. Thanks for the info. =)
Whoo boy. Stuck this on ball lightning with slower projectiles and echo, took a bunch of aoe passives and the fending cluster too. The desync is unreal. Completely unusable with how much is just breaks the game. Oh and it wasn't that great on paper either compared to sticking in ele prof or light pen. You may remain unused, knockback gems.
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The quality should be a knock back DISTANCE.

There are only 100% of increased distance available resulting in only 8 unit per knock back. It is too short for the investment. There can be a lot of use for the distance increase.

Otherwise this gem has no purposes, since there are a lot of ways to knock back enemies other than this gem.
This gem offers an interesting utility, but is just too weak to really compete for the slot outside of a few niche uses. Most other utility offer either powerful effects (like life leech) or help increase damage (pierce) or clearspeed (increased area) in some fashion.

It makes sense to me that if a skill is hitting hard enough to knock you around, it should be dealing more damage to you, not less. So maby add a small increased/more damage effect on to the gem, similar to pierce or faster projectiles?

Currently this is most useful on fast hitting spells, such as ball lighting and firestorm. If the utility in these is sufficient, it may be possible to exclude them from the damage increase by making that increase effect attacks or physical damage only(though i dont really think that would be necessary)

alternatively, the knockback could be dramatically increased to provide powerful utility, but this seems harder to balance properly (could make ball lightning immune to melee)

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