Increased Duration

ArchersBane wrote:
Does increased duration work on Punctures DOT and Poison Arrows AOE lingering?
yes, and for reference, skills with "duration" on thier tag gets benefit. if it has a time on the skill, it is affected.
Does Increased Duration stack additively or multiplicatively with the Buff Duration passives?

Example: A skill has a 5 second duration; 83% increased skill duration (from support), and 75% increased duration of buffs and debuffs I create (from passives).

Is my duration 5 * 2.58 (12.9 seconds) or is it 5 * 1.83 * 1.75 (16s)?
Devolving Wilds
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additive. if people wanted a multiplicative version, it'll need to be like this to maintain balance:

cost multiplier 140%
lv 1 grants 21% more skill duration
lv 20 gives 40% more skill duration
quality effect is 1% increased skill duration per quality.
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Please don't post the same thing three times. It needlessly clutters the forum and makes the discussion confusing to follow because it's taking place in three different places.
slyme wrote:
This gem does not work with frost wall. I believe it should (is meant to) based on the in game wording. (and it does say duration in frost wall skill description)
Repeating for anyone in this thread who might read this, increased duration is correctly working with frost wall. It does increase the duration.
Does I.D. affect burning duration?
kadrek91 wrote:
Does I.D. affect burning duration?
only the one from firetrap's ground burn. ID only affects skill duration, not status effects.

It's not a skill, it's not a status, it's not a charge...
Then does it work with stun ?
manaa3 wrote:

It's not a skill, it's not a status, it's not a charge...
Then does it work with stun ?
stun duration and stun threshold from skills (ground slam, heavy strike, and stun chance's quality) and passives (mostly around templar) and equipment (maces, uniques, and a belt, or mods).

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