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kungfooe wrote:
I'm not sure if it has been mentioned, but the increased duration doesn't seem to effect the duration of enduring cry charges. With the skill gem linked or not, they only seem to last for 10 seconds.

As a note, I also posted this in the enduring cry skill gem section.
This is intended. The duration of charges on you is part of your stats (and you can get passives which modify those stats). The enduring cry skill can't set the duration of charges based on the skill, it just says 'you get a charge'. duration of charges is never part of the skill, it's set by your stats whenever something tells you to get a charge.
soul4hdwn wrote:
now if it was slightly modified to increase the agro time, that would be kinda valuable. (hint at devs please, i know it sorta already increase due to recharge a patch ago)
There's no such thing as aggro time for it to increase.
soul4hdwn wrote:
um no. let me explain using your example.

one person hits foe worth 5 damage per second for 7 seconds
other hits foe for a hit of 7 damage per second for 5 seconds.
foe has the 7 damage per second "working" for its full duration, THEN the weaker one still has 2 seconds to go and continues where the stronger one left off.

ah okay, thank you for the explanation :)
The Increased Duration support gem does not apply to refreshed Blood Rage buffs.

I've been playing as long as I can remember with this issue. Any fix for OB possible?
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In the case of abilities that are a bit vague on whether or not they have durations, such as 'Double Strike' (is that a cast time, or a duration? Or is just attack speed?) would this gem affect it? If so, would it do so in a positive manner?

Thanks for your help!
if the skill has a time listed on it, then it has a duration and can be boosted by this, attacks such as the one you asked about, does not benefit. but molten shell, viper strike, sparks, fire trap, rejuv totem, and poison arrow can.
These gems also list 'Duration' in their tags.
I don't see duration on Ice shot so I assume it doesn't increase the icy floor duration?
why not...(it has a 1.15second base duration in skill description)

Explosive shot fuse timer gets longer. Poison arrow base duration increase.
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What does quality on this gem do?
What does quality on this gem do?
even more duration via additive boost. should be 0.15 per quality point although i dont' trust myself on the number.
When used with Blood Rage, it only buffs the Duration on the first cast, when you refresh the duration of blood rage on kills, it Ignore this gem.

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