Increased Area of Effect

jawsofhana wrote:
Does this mean it won't work with auras either?

increased AoE works on auras but they also have thier own boosts on the passive grid, both normal and aura AoE work on auras.
clearleaf wrote:
When linked with Rejuvenation Totem this support doesn't appear to increase the area of effect (in the tooltip). It stays at 100 for me whether the support is linked or not.
The area of effect is increased - what you see in the tooltip is not the area of effect, it's the totem's vision range.
We can probably remove that from Rejuv totem since it never needs to detect enemies.
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Does Minion Instability benefit from this?
heatzz wrote:
Does Minion Instability benefit from this?

Lazy person you.

Mark_GGG wrote:
BlastMonkey wrote:
If linked to a minion gem does this support apply to explosions from minion instability?
Yes. The explosion is done by the minions and calculated with their stats. Supporting a minion with this gem will give them it's stat and increase the area of anything they do that can be affected, including the explosion.
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I tried it with Ground Slam but the animation doesn't show any changes unlike other AoE spell skills.
Will this support gem increase the radius of elemental hit or elemental profilation? Im going melee elemental hit + elemental profilation for AOE and wondering if this support gem will work with it.
i didn't realize i happened to already answer this in the other thread you were in.
elemental hit is not AoE but elemental prolif is, thus only the elemnetal prolif will gain benefit from this support gem (inc aoe).
How does this gem stack with passive nodes increasing area of effect?

Lets say for example sake its level 7 gem and I have taken the 3 nodes close to templar.

Both should be at 20% increased area of effect.

Now is this then

20% + 20% = 40
20 x 1,2 = 24%

Some clarification on this would be really helpful. I am currently playing RF marauder and the area of effect increase is REALLY making a big difference. Thank you.
both is "increased" there's no "more" AoE size.

so 20+20 = 40

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