Increased Area of Effect

Conc Effect absolutely kills this gem. The bonus on thsi gem should be MORE aoe.
Yes, this gem need a rebalnce. Add the "more area of effect" or +# radius to the skill. At the moment, this gem increases the aoe of around 10% in some skill, resulting useless. And the real problem is the "less area of effect" mod that we can find in map, that makes our celar speed really boring and we can't have help not even from this gem.
The area increase of this gem is tiny if you already have passive tree buffs. I couldn't even tell the difference on Lightning Tendrils when I equipped / unequipped a lvl 12 Increased Area of Effect. I agree that it should be "more" instead of increased. Noone is going to use it the way it is now, it's just not worth the gem socket it takes.
i am trying to use "this area of effect support gem" to increase the radius of my "blasphemy" with "flammability" but really does not seem to be effecting the size of the radius at all, i also have "aura area of effect" passive (over here ) and that does not seem to help increase the area either. wonder if this is a bug?

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