Increased Area of Effect

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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Sep 10, 2018, 11:45:12 AM
Koalachan wrote:
It says 15% Increased Area of Effect. Not radius. It may very well be radius though since that seems a lot easier to implement (in which case you should probably clear up the description). Concentrated also uses the same wording btw.
That description has already been fixed up and will go through in the next patch (probably). It does affect radius.
Sari wrote:
How work Increased Area of Effect (support gem and/or passive) with Firestorm ?
It increase only area of spell (place where meteors fall)
or it increase blast radius of each meteors too ?
It does both.
All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
Balance & Design
BlastMonkey wrote:
If linked to a minion gem does this support apply to explosions from minion instability?
Yes. The explosion is done by the minions and calculated with their stats. Supporting a minion with this gem will give them it's stat and increase the area of anything they do that can be affected, including the explosion.
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
Balance & Design
Shodal wrote:
Am I correct to assume this would also effect cleaves radius as well, meaning it should hit mobs both further away and in a wider arc?
It does effect cleave, but as the gem says, it only affects the radius - this means it will hit things farther away, but the radius has no effect on the arc, which is always 90 degrees.
clearleaf wrote:
When linked with Rejuvenation Totem this support doesn't appear to increase the area of effect (in the tooltip). It stays at 100 for me whether the support is linked or not.
The area of effect is increased - what you see in the tooltip is not the area of effect, it's the totem's vision range.
We can probably remove that from Rejuv totem since it never needs to detect enemies.
Conversion Trap:
No. Minion skills grant all stats in the skill to the minions, but conversion trap is not a minion skill. Conversion Trap does not create a minion, and does not affect the converted monster's stats in any way. The monster never gets the area bonus.

Dominating Blow:
Still no. This is a minion skill and the minion does get all the stats of the skill. However, auras on rare monsters are not skills they use, they're an inherent property of the monsters - they have no aura skill that could use the area increase stat.
Even if they did have an aura skill that they cast, they'd need to recast it to get the effect.
Last edited by Mark_GGG on Feb 14, 2013, 7:54:01 PM
No, the monsters use tech that means a mod can specify an aura that it represents.
This tech is currently not working on item mods, but may be used for such in future.

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