Faster Attacks

haste is not an attack, faster attack will not work on it.
where we can drop/ quest this support gem please ?^^
Myztik77 wrote:
where we can drop/ quest this support gem please ?^^

Quest Reward List thread to the rescue :P

As for drops; any area that is equal to or above the level requirement (it's rlv31).
How come this gem starts at such a high level? I don't see the point in that...
The same reason Melee Physical Damage is medium level - because it's a huge damage multiplier. And because it's nice to have things to aspire to.

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What a difference a year makes. With more copies of Acceleration on the passive tree now, this support isn't so universally mandatory.

Would like to see one or two more Power green support gems; red has Melee Physical/Added Fire/Weapon Ele/MultiStrike, Blue has Crit Damage/Concentrated Effect/Faster Casting... if ever a day comes when there's enough support gems in one stat to make single attribute characters possible; green is the furthest away from that day so far.
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Ive always suspected the low mana multiplier of this gem (115%?) is due to faster attacks in itself causes a higher mana drain due to faster attacks = more mana per second. Is the "low" manacost of faster attacks simply due to the +attack speed also resulting in higher manadrain and therefore causing its own "mana penalty"?
Yep, pretty much.
105% Mana Multiplier
Buff Quality
Buff bonus from each level
Add new stat after 12 lvl: more attack speed or something.
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Please change this gem to do more attack spead instead of increased to align the benefit with other often used support gems.
Now its way inferior to Multistrike Support and used only for levelling or movement skills.
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