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wxyjac wrote:
sorry, but i'm pretty sure you will be instant killing so ele pro life will be wasted.
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As long as they aren't frozen it's fine though because shock and burn spread on death.
Yea, I used to be low damage so the elem proliferation is still very useful.

But now with decent cold damage and a crit build; elem prolife really doesn't change anything but my mana cost.
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Mitch420 wrote:
Krupkee wrote:
anyone know if a shadow class ever get this from quest reward?

No, it's not a quest reward.

Don't know if they have changed this, but i have got it as a quest reward 3 times on my shadow.
Not Sure if this is working for me appropriately or I'm seeing something wrong here.

That's my item as of late, with Double Strike combined with it. I'm already getting 1.76 DPS with both these weapons. However I haven't seen any significant difference in increase of Attack Speed. I tried checking my character sheet while fighting but to no avail.

I think I maybe understanding something wrong, but maybe you POE experts could help a noob out. Not first time with ARPG, just never understood the scaling of the math.

I'm a level 32 Duelist on Default League.
Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
ive got this linked to zombies and skels
the zombies shows that it has increased attack speed linked and when you hover over the icon and i can see them attacking faster

but on the skels it shows as linked on the icon but not when hovering over it. its hard to see if they are in fact attacking faster or not

lvl 70 summoner Tiarna_bas
Most support gems scale with passives (I will include armour when I say passives).

For example, Weapon Elemental Support adds More WED with scales with the Increased WED passives. If yo use WED support you ideally want a decent amount of WED passives with it.

Faster Attacks is additive with passives. A 20% quality level 20 faster attacks adds 54% attack speed. This greatly reduces the value of attack speed passives.
I think I have a solution to what I see as a problem (from my previous post).

Currently level 1 faster attacks adds 25% global attack speed. Could it be changed to add 10% global attack speed and 10% weapon/local attack speed? So at level 20 it would add 18% global and 18% weapon attack speed.

This way it would scale better with passives and gloves/rings.
I disagree

As of right now faster attack is one of the best support gem out there; making the bonus able to multiply with itself will make it way too strong.

having 10% extra base and 10% extra global attack speed means 21% boost in total attack speed.
18% extra base and 18% extra global means 39% boost in total attack speed.

That's if the person doesn't have other attack speed passive/mods, if they do, the bonus will be more.

A person with 5% from gloves, 20% from passive, and 5% from ring will get a boost of 75% in total attack speed if using the 18%.
(1.18) * (1 + .18 + .30) = 1.7464

30% ias is not hard to obtain; and it will only become more powerful the more you stack attack speed.
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Flavour Build concept taken from Alice: Madness Returns
Maybe 18% is too high then. But bear in mind it is currently 44% at level 20, or 54% with quality.

Currently I think it is too strong for characters who have not invested anything in global attack speed. But I do not think it should be made weaker for people who invest heavily in attack speed passives and glove/ring mods.

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