Faster Attacks

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Last bumped on Nov 22, 2019, 5:01:46 AM
Darkfyre wrote:
does this work with summoned minions?
Yes, provided those minions have an attack.
The caster skeletons, for example, only use spells, so spectres/converted of them won't get much use from it..
UristMcDwarfy wrote:
So melee minion "attacks" aren't melee-range spells anymore? I remember another thread discussing this... Or am I remembering this incorrectly?
Lots of people seem to think this, but I'm not sure why, as it's never been the case (at least not for as long as I've been at the company, which is significantly before beta).
No need to apologise, there's a lot of information to learn about the game and it's easy to get confused - and you guys can't just go look things up in the code when you're unsure :P
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Balance & Design
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Balance & Design

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