Added Fire Damage

Curious if there is a plan to have a seperate blue gem with add fire "as a set amount" like the other add elemental gems.
Or red....
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I too am curious about a straight + X to Y fire damage version of the gem.

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I've noticed with my Templar the past little bit ( he is 45 now) I cant exactly remember how many levels this has been happening.. maybe since around 40 that support gem levels about 25% faster than I do about every other level or so. This means that instead of the gem leveling along with my char it is actually surpassing him.. This seems like a bug in a way that its getting more xp % than I am. I'm wondering if a base lvl is needed or a boosted one if one exists already (cant remember)
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This gem is actually one of the better ones for my ranger.

It's so good I actually level up a duelist to get it whenever I play ranger now (going to 15 takes about 2 hours, and also gets me rain of arrows as a bonus).

With an item that has a linked green - red - green socket I can put both burning arrow and lightning arrow off this gem, and it drives the DPS really high for both.

This gem needs to be brought down on par with the other added elemental dmg gems or they need to be brought way up.
Just way too strong.
Does this work with molten shell ?
Does Molten Shell do any Physical dmg ? (The Asnwer is No )
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thx !
Given that burning is often the most valued critical elemental effect, and that chance to ignite is also a support gem (no chance to shock/freeze equivilants), one would assume the most desired effect would be tapered with the lowest benefit of elemental damage.

This is not the case.

This gem provides far more benefit for characters with skills that do physical damage (read: archer/melee) and provides no benefit to spellcasters, unlike all of the other elemental gems.

I admire the intent of striving for different functionality instead of merely just 'more elemental damage of a different flavor', but I'd really like a firestorm to be augmented with added fire damage, since that increases with all my +fire passives (which I'd take if firestorm was my primary spell) and that simply isn't an option.

In comparison to the other elemental damage support gems it also provides the greatest benefit, by far, to the supported skills, especially skills like heavy strike, yielding a colossal increase in damage as you gain in levels compared to the other ele gems.

This gem either needs to be toned down significantly (to about 20%, +1%/lvl, +.5%/quality) or the other gems need to be improved to be on par with this one.

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