POEMate 1.3 - Beginner's Tips section, Mana Sustain Calculator

Update: 1.3 - Beginner's Tips section, Mana Sustain calculator, 2.5 skilltree

POEMate is ios/android mobile skilltree app.

IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/poemate/id987117713?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xavdev.poemate&hl=en

This app is available for free and without any adds and functions exactly like any online skilltree with automatic pathing. It has fast scroll and zoom, you can select a node and app will build a path to it, you can search for nodes, you can copy/paste URLs with builds, you can even specify bandit rewards and see your char level when you add nodes. So its complete skilltree experience on a tablet.

There is an in app purchase available for people that like to support all the work i've done and i included some very nice features in the Supporter Pack to express my gratitude:

- You can insert jewels with radius into sockets and the tree will transform according to jewel. So dex transforms to str, melee weapon nodes to bow, and Intuitve Leap allow you to pick nodes with no connection to the tree. Full jewels with radius support for all of them.
- You can specify your weapon and skill type and you will see a total for each important stat. You specify 2h axe attack melee aoe, and phys dmg with 2h gets added to phys dmg with axe and aoe damage. Same for crit, attack / cast speed, accuracy etc.
- You can specify your life/mana/es stats from gear and see exactly how how much will be your total max,your regen, your total leech cap and per target leech cap for all of them.
- You can select all the Auras and other Reservations and see exactly how much life and mana you have left. Active auras are taken into account into appropriate areas of the planner (like adding EX, regen etc)
- You can select your skill setup and see how much mana it costs, casts per second and how long can you sustain spamming it.
- You can save unlimited number of builds.

You can see video overview of all the supporter pack features here:
It's video for the first release so it does not include some newer features like aura calculator and ascendancy classes.
Pls forgive my accent, english is not my first language.

I would really like to develop this app into full featured DPS calculator, but that is a lot of work. I hope your support for this app allows me to spend more time on this project.
If you like the app please tell your friends and guild mates about it, this will really helps. And leave comments here to keep this thread visible.

You can post any bugs you encounter here and i will deal with them asap. Please specify your device and system version when you do.

Version History

- Begineer's Tips section
- Mana Sustain calculator
- 2.5 skilltree

- 2.4.0 skilltree data
- various jewel fixes

- 2.3.0 skilltree data
- 8 ascendancy points cap
- clear node search button

- Full support of Ascendancy Classes

In Supporter Pack:
- New panel to show attributes summary. Their effect added to appropriate areas.
- Enabling Auras now give it's effect to appropriate areas. This effect is modified by Aura - effectiveness from tree and gear.
- Essence Worm support for auras.
- Resistances added to pseudo totals.
- Can now select multiple weapon types at once
- Various small bug fixes

- Full support for Talisman, including Blasphemy and Threshold Jewels

- You can save up to 3 builds in the basic version.
- Added Reservations calculator to the Supporter Pack.
- fixed a bug with Infused Shield and some jewel stats not included in calculations.

Jewels updated to changes from 2.0.2 patch and skilltree updated to marauder changes from 2.0.3 patch.

- Fixed a crush that occurred for some users after purchasing Supporter Pack if they pressed back button before purchasing was finalized.
- Added Totem, Minion, Trap and Mine to Pseudo Totals Settings.
- Various Pseudo Totals fixes.
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Please make windows mobile version for plebs like me :(
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- PoE TOS.
I'll consider it, if demand would be there. If someone else need this for win mobile pls post here.
Wow This is fantastic! It isn't getting enough love IMO. Thank you for going to the trouble of making all this xD You should consider moving this thread to Comunity Showcase, as that seems like the most apropriate place for it, that forum needs some actually good threads right now, and you could get chosen for The Comunity Showcases Bex does. You have my vote xD
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I'll definitely check it out.. thanks.

Did you check with GGG on the monetization and copyright details? As I recall, we aren't allowed to charge for a PoE-related app up front or otherwise.

You'll get more support (and community appreciation) by leading an open source initiative on github or similar.

My #1 feature request would require working with GGG though.. a public api key similar to what EVE Online uses to grant specific access permissions to an account without requiring the account's username and password.

#2 would be a vendor recipe assistant based on an offline searchable stash (which would require #1 because inserting my password into a 3rd party app isn't going to happen).
I sumbmitted this app for review to GGG support and got their approval for advertising it here.
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Instantly bought this. amazing work, I really hope this app lasts through future changes in PoE! I would really really love a desktop version of this with maybe like a dropbox sync. It would be amazing to work on this on my computer and then continue crafting ideas on my phone!
I theory craft my builds while doing my thing in the comfort room at my work. Good job! got all skill tree app from playstore.
Duelist is kylo ren -_-
I have a lot planned for this app, and if enough ppl would download the app to show that it is needed by the community, i will continue to work on it and develop it further. I really like it to grow into complex dps calculator one day.
Love this app! Bought the upgraded version after using it for a few builds. By far the best mobile skill tree on android and hope it stays that way =D

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