Path of Exile 2.0.0: The Awakening Patch Notes

Steam user here; big patch and I can't believe issues with Unable to MapViewofFile or Ran out of memory haven't been fixed.

Last errors I have got:

"Art/Textures/Environment/beach/": In source code file:
Resource\TextureResource.cpp at line 66,
Processing file: Art/Textures/Environment/beach/
Description: Ran out of memory

Unable to MapViewOfFile in MapChunk. ErrorCode: 8 Offset: 414515200 Size: 1447260

"Metadata/Effects/Spells/sweep/": Unable to MapViewOfFile in MapChunk. ErrorCode: 8 Offset: 414515200 Size: 1447260

"Metadata/Characters/Str/Str.act": Unable to MapViewOfFile in MapChunk. ErrorCode: 8 Offset: 414515200 Size: 1447260

Have verified integrity of game cache, ran PackCheck thrice, uninstalled and reinstalled the game 3 times, applied -gc 2 to opening pathway, checked for any weird fonts (none), reduced settings to an absolute minimum, improved my RAM higher than 4 GB; can run other games at higher settings with no problem and this just keeps happening. Any solutions so far? I know this problem has been running from a long time, but still no definite solutions...
For those concerned about being less able to reduce reserved mana: I think jewels may take over this function. We'll need some time to see if its a mod that appears in non-unique jewels, but straight off the bat you get a unique jewel from Yeena (cant remember which difficultly) that reduces reserved mana by 2%. Thats not much but I'm hoping to see some a healthy range of this mod in non-uniques.
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Reduce Mana is now practically useless especially on high level characters.
After spending hundreds of hours leveling the gems, now they're nerfed and are worth basically nothing.

So sad.
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"Projectile skills no longer "shotgun". You can't hit the same target with more than one simultaneously-created projectile from the same source any more. They've been rebalanced around this." - from patch notes

Does this mean that Molten Strikes Projectiles can no longer Hit the same target twice with one cast of the skill? I looked at the molten strike page and it still says that it does?

"It is possible for more than one projectile from this skill to hit a single enemy, including the one that was already hit by melee attack. It is estimated by probability that the average number of hits a humanoid-sized enemy in the general skill area receives per skill use is 1.3, with roughly half that value for the primary target because of AoE deadzone."
-From molten strike Wiki.
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After the hundreds of hours, back to scratch.
Really frustrating that after planning so hard for a build, we all have to redo everything.
Why nerf if they could just reduce the overall damage dealt or instead increase the survivability of the mobs?

And what's with the insta kills even if you have 75% all resists and a hefty amount of life and armor? So much damage or just ridiculous critical? At least show the mob stats in Wiki or however so the players could at least "calculate" their characters vs the mobs and bosses.
Players could estimate their chances against certain mobs/bosses and adjust their gear / tree / playing style.
That's more engaging, I believe.

Not really a hardcore gamer but that's my 2 cents.
what do you guys think about Rain of Splinters jewel ?
I just spent here an hour, just woke up, so I'm fresh in mind, took an hour to kill Doedre, Malligaro, an the third, what's the name? in the end two of them didn't even drop that goddam organ. WTF?
ACT4 SUCKS ASS big time!

Is that why I supported you guys?
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Congratulations GGG you managed to ruin what used to be my best character in 1.2 :P

Flamebalst nerf? Check
Burning prolif nerf? Check
Block nerf? Check
Leech nerf? Check, because I used flame surge for bosses (and relied on leech)
Blood rage nerf? Check because it was a CI character

Now I will have to either completely rework the build (that is the best option, but I highly doubt it will work), abandon it or make a completely new build on that char (I don't like that option).

Also, congrats on the nerf of other things such mana leech (disabling some builds), arctic armour (making it just offer a tiny buff).

Finally I didn't get to have an eternal orb, but again congrats on promoting elitism and RMT and the high inflation in standard league.

To sum it up: For new players the new changes may not make any impact. But for old players who have devoted hundreds of hours on the game, this feels highly punishing.

So once again this is proof that everything in this game is temporary. There is no such thing as a long term investment.

I guess I have been playing this game way too much. I will still play it but not with the same excitement/as much as before.

I am sorry for the negativity here, since many players are hyped with the new release, but I had to point out the above.

What am I supposed to do with all my (now) lvl 19 Corrupted gems?!

So much hate over the patch notes!

I completely LOVE the new expansion, 100%, and I'm having a blast playing in Warbands, just as I had a blast playing the beta. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I just wanted to express my happiness with the game to balance out all the negative comments :3

Completely addicted! PoE managed to become even better.
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