One Month Flashback Event (Standard)

Awesome!! It's gonna be scary, frustrating, but also rewarding.. so much loot... :D

e: i can see myself going IIR, for the first time... just level my character in the first 4 days, when everything is "easy" and then faceroll 66 maps or even Docks with a level 85.. :D
You Only Level Once d:-D*
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I would play if mod specific items can actually drop, but this way I will pass and play beta a bit. I like challenging gameplay this mods will offer, but without prizes - no thanks.

It would be so much more fun and excitement if they change their mind about this.
Alt Art items as League MTX - When?
do we have to build a new character for different league's mod?
Ehm sorry if I don't understand the concept of this league but most of the mods are already in the game. Will they be ramped up as fk? If so it will be loads of fun :-D
Sfp4 wrote:
Not really looking forward to playing on a patch where flameblast is the only extremely viable build next to a 60ex build.

You could try out standard if you find the temporary leagues being too difficult. Temp leagues are supposed to be more difficult than permanent leagues, but I guess it can be a bit too harsh for some players.
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So this goes to Standard at the end, right?

This sounds fun and I want to participate but I don't want to do anything that empties to void afterwards - losing characters is the worst feeling IMO.
YES!! This is great! Finally a league which turns out to be really fun and challenging.
I just don't understand the late timing, was hoping for a start like today.. to fill this void between the boring permanent leagues and the beta. Forcing players to buy beta supporter pack is not a good way to earn their support. Check the current non-beta player base and you'll know I'm right. Offline players don't buy anything. An earlier start would be better.
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Meh im gonna sit in town on HC league and watch all the RIP's during the weekends and laugh my ass off :)
You have a 36.5% chance of getting in at some point, assuming that you remain in the top 1000 at all times :)

1 - (0.985^30)
GGG please remove Phylacteral Link from the game before this league starts.

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