One Month Flashback Event (Standard)

The last few times - the merge was less than 20 mins after the end (as far as I remember)... GGG sleeping in today?
Would have loved to participate in this leage from the start.

When's the next one happening? :D
Amazing league. I'd love it if there was a new game mode to accompany the never ending Standard & Hardcore, called Flashback :D
do the characters get transferred to standard at the end?
Yes, you're characters and stash will end up in standard, it's just taking GGG some time to do the large volume of transfers. Hang in there, it will happen :)
finished at a solid rank 93, at level 93

man this league really had its up and downs, really fun and really frustrating at times.

I personally wouldn't do another ruckus league

awesome ty
For how long u keep the (remove only stash tabs) and btw i really enojoid this event, was very funny, but so frustarating same time..hehe.. GGG is GG :DDD

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