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AtomYcX wrote:
Muldini wrote:
Released version 0.9L to add support for Filtration.

I've had to remove some of the (unlisted) toggles for advanced use cases since I couldn't convince the author of Filtration to implement the upcomming treeview of blocks in a way that would allow me to keep them *and* have them not show in his tool.

This is actually something I want to support, I just haven't decided how I'm going to implement it yet. The problem is my current script parser just ignores all comments in between blocks. I'll probably need to support some tags to wrap around disabled blocks like #DisabledBlockStart and #DisabledBlockEnd - Filtration could then remove the comments from the actual block as it loads it but mark it as disabled. As I'm typing this I'm actually thinking that's really easy to implement..adding to the todo list :)

Edit: I just re-read what you posted, not sure if that's exactly what you meant - PM me if not and we can discuss it.

We've talked about this via PM already. I took away that you weren't interested in supporting it. But maybe I just didn't describe it good enough.

What I'd like is the ability to control whether or not a specific toggle (not Block) ends up in your BlockView. I suggested ignoring all toggle comments behind a Show/Hide statement that don't start with a specific root element.

The reasoning is that I have (had) quite a few toggles that a lot of people would (and should) not use, but would suit the specific needs of other people. These toggles are potentially dangerous as you could end up hiding stuff that really shouldn't be hidden for the majority of players. In the example imgage you posted you can see examples of this. Your selection would hide ilvl 77+ rare jewelry and craft bases (Astral Plate, Imbued Wand, ...). I believe these toggles are "special" enough to warrent that those players that actually want to use them use an actual editor. That way I can sleep at night knowing noone misses valueable items due to using my script.

As it stands I'd rather not thave them in the script at all than having them show up in Filtration's BlockView. It's simply "too easy" to make a mistake that way. Which, by the way, shows your implementation really does make it easy to edit filters.

Added quote as my post started a new page.
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Alright, that makes sense. Initially I was a little hesitant to complicate the object model further but I can see the benefit in this now that I've read through your comments again. Sent you a PM.
Creator of Filtration, a Path of Exile Item Filter Editor
I noticed something weird running a tropical island map

Some items get the unique border, some do not. Any idea why?

I took two pictures just to show I'm actually using the lootfilter :)

Same deal later in the same map, this time prophecy wands...


What might be going on here? I noticed both items without the border have a 3-link. Is that an issue? I don't know... I'm guessing you can shed some light on this for me :)
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You kinda figured it out already :)

It's a combintion of a few things that can lead to this. First of all, blocks in a filter are checked for matching from top to bottom. So if there are multiple sections that deal with the same item and one of them matches (so it is shown or hidden), the rest of the checks are skipped. That's the reason you deal witht he really important / valueable stuff at the beginning of the filter, e.g. put 6Ls before 5Ls.

The three main areas that come to mind in this case are "### Chromatic Orb Recipe" "### Progression" and "### Chance" (in that order). So for a normal item to receive the unique chance border, it must not be matched by any other check (e.g. it can't be a chromatic item and it can't match in the progression section).

The progression section also comes with some requirements. So after a certain level one hand weapons need to be 3S and two hand weapons need 4 sockets to be shown.

I'll add a quote from earlier in the thread to explain why that is. That post as well as the filter itself also explains how to show more normal/magic items regardless of existing sockets.

Muldini wrote:

During progression the requirements for items to be shown increase. For example normal/magic armour bases need to have 3/4 links after a certain level. Weapons need to have a certain amount of sockets. This is to reduce clutter while still having some of them to alch or use in a recipe. I hope to replace this if/as soon as GGG implements a condition that matches against implicit values. So for example a normal/magic Coral Ring would only be shown if its implicit value is in the top 10% or something.

This suits my personal needs quite well, however there are people that wish to see more normal/magic bases, so I added the aforementioned toggles that will allow to do just that.

First two pictures: Judgement Staff has 5 sockets (matches in the Progression section)
Second two pictures: It looks like it has the border (which would be correct, since it only has 1 socket and thus wouldn't match the progression section)
Third two pictures: 3L Prophecy Wand, matches in the Progression section

It doesn't apply to your example (same map, max itemlvl 70) but the progression section also adds a maximum itemlevel requirement for the Judgement Staff (70). If you played a level 71 zone, it couldn't match there anymore and would then be shown as a chance item. That's because at itemlevel 71 a better Staff base (Eclipse Staff) is available.

Thanks for your feedback, these kind of reports really do help to spot remaining bugs. However in this case everything seems to be in order :)
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Ah, I see :) Well then, thank you for explaining this (to me) quirky situation :)

Edit: Random request that have nothing to do with the previous matter: Granite flasks are rather rare, and it is important (to me) to pick up the first one that drops, and also the second, cause if it's white I'll probably quality it up before rolling it to replace my first one that probably has no quality. Now, i have a tendency to overlook white things without borders, cause they are more often than not totally uninteresting.

So, my request is this; would you consider adding a border to granite flasks? And maybe diamond flasks to? I feel they are much rarer than the "normal" ruby, topaz etc flasks...

I figure this would probably be easy to do myself if i bothered to do a tiny bit of research, and i probably will if you do not like this idea, but i figure this issue might concern most ppl?

Edit 2: Looking at the flask section in the loot filter i see no mention of amethyst flasks... Is this by design, or did you simply forget? ;)
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Currently Amethyst Flasks are shown until ItemLevel 50. It's hidden under "### Leveling Specials".

How about this?

I'll add them to the flask section so they are shown just like all the others and modify the Leveling Specials section to highlight utility flasks until ItemLevel 50? I'm not sure if a border is the right style choice, but maybe a slightly brighter textfont?

That's currently done for the first couple flask tiers and later for normal and magic ilvl 77+ items.

It would then also be easy for you to change it to a border if the brighter fontsize ain't enough.
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059
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Lovely and much appreciated :)
IGN: RangerMeis
bookmarked. Curious to see how refined it is when we can apply the loot filters to live :). I like it so far.
With the new patch, will this show the divination cards if they drop? Didn't want to miss one if it dropped with this on but filter not pick up.

The correct answer is that it might.

However, there's a new version available at http://www.thiessen.im/oftrta_muldini_v0.9m.filter that will show them.

/edit Published 0.9m, which highlights cards with a red border. I'll revisit this after playing a while.
One Filter to Rule Them All: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1259059
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