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NeverSink wrote:
NeverSink's LOOTFILTER v7.3

Bugreport: maximum level of "Flesh and Stone" gem was changed from 6 to 20 in 3.8 expansion. Sections of loot filter that have special treatment for gems with maximum level 6 wasn't updated for this change - "[2503] High Tier Gems", "[2505] Leveled Gems".
Something isn't adding up with the latest update. I've been messing with it for a little while but I think there is possibly some rules hidden from me in filterblade, unless I don't know where to look.

I noticed by chance that a rare ilvl 85 Citrine Amulet (unid'd) was hidden from the default Very strict filter (vaal filter style if that matters). I was like hmmm, I don't agree with that, so I went looking in filterblade to customize it.

I couldn't find the place where the Citrine Amulet is listed at all, so I couldn't see if it was hidden or not. (The search function is a great idea but the top results were all the shaped/elder variants and I couldn't scroll in the results). Manually looking I couldn't find the place where it was hidden. The section under handpicked bases, jewellery, actually shows Ruby ring and says "all other bases" as shown. It should be included there, because the citrine base does not show beneath in the hidden T2 stuff where you can see all the hidden bases.

I then also noticed that good bases (Slink boots, Rustic Sash) were hidden in high red tier maps, but in the filter, under handpicked bases, they are shown. Confusing.

Then I randomly went delving (I think it was a 74 or 75 node) and both slink boots and rustic sashes did in fact show on the ground? Not in high red tier maps.

Can someone shed some light on this? I feel like something is hiding them at higher ilvls where it shouldn't, based on the fact that they are showing at a 74 ish delve node (I have made zero changes).
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bug report

there seems to be a bug in the "auto-sort" function(in customize - general - unique items)
"auto-sort" turns unique jewel tier into tier 2 and in that state I can't add any item into that tier

auto-sort button


after using "auto-sort" function

Hey guys,

I took note of the issues and complains from the previous posters:

- Auto-Sort being bugged for jewels and needing functional improvements
- The new crating base tiering colliding with the handpicked bases a bit too much
- Flesh and Stone having the wrong item level
- The new crafting bases need style improvements

I'll address these in the next update

Thank you!
Please don't PM me ingame with filter/guide questions, post them on the forum, after reading the FAQ.
A bug in FilterBlade:

- The "Give all Currency Max.FontSize" preset doesn't apply to Basic Tier 2(Armourer's Scraps), which stays size 40, while all other other currencies are turned max size.

Can i get larger text?

A small issue:

- Section [3001], the divination card exceptions lacks the div card map icon.
NeverSink wrote:
NeverSink's LOOTFILTER v7.33

Bugreport: in section "[2801] Unique Maps" in rule "Show # $tier->t2 $type->unique->maps" in row BaseType there is "Reef Map" listed. There is no corresponding unique map with base type "Reef Map".

Strictness: uber.
I'd like to suggest few changes to fragment section "[2809] Sorted Map Fragments", based on some thoughts and market:

01. Timeless Maraketh Emblem - 462c
02. Chayula's Pure Breachstone - 462c
03. Chayula's Breachstone - 277c
04. Chayula's Enriched Breachstone - 190c
05. Chayula's Charged Breachstone - 185c
06. Timeless Templar Emblem - 185c
07. Uul-Netol's Pure Breachstone - 139c
08. Tul's Pure Breachstone - 99c
09. Xoph's Pure Breachstone - 82c
10. Esh's Pure Breachstone - 78c
11. Timeless Vaal Emblem - 58c
20. Mortal Ignorance - 20c
27. Mortal Hope - 10c

This listing is demonstrative: #1 "Timeless Maraketh Emblem" is followed by #2-5 all Chayula's breachstones, then followed by #6 "Timeless Templar Emblem", then followed by #7-10 all pure breachstones, then followed by #11 "Timeless Vaal Emblem".


1. Any Chayula's breachstones, as well as "Timeless Templar Emblem", are highly valuable. Since both "Timeless Maraketh Splinter" and "Timeless Templar Splinter" are in the same "high-value splinter" rule (section "[2909] Legion"), it makes sense to also have both "Timeless Maraketh Emblem" and "Timeless Templar Emblem" in the same "high-value fragment" rule. And add all Chayula's breachtones to this rule.

2. In my opinion, any pure breachstone also should be in "high-value fragment" rule - they are rare, they are top-tier breachstones, and players are using them for experience rotations.

3. "Timeless Vaal Emblem" and below should be outside of "high-value fragment" rule. This will also match the fact that its corresponding splinter is outside of "high-value splinter" rule.

4. Both "Mortal Hope" and "Mortal Ignorance" (which are currently in "high-value fragment" rule) are not that expensive anymore and should be removed from "high-value fragment" rule. They will be catched by the next "medium-value fragment" rule which handles base type "Mortal" of class "Map Fragments". Therefore, all mortal fragments will be in the same rule.

5. "Sacrifice at Midnight" is currently in higher tier than other sacrifice fragments. Difference is value between "Sacrifice at Midnight" (2c) and other sacrifice fragments (1c) is insignificant, at the same time there is significant difference in value between "Sacrifice at Midnight" and other, way more valuable fragments of the same rule, such as "Fragment of the Chimera" (9c) or "Inya's Key" (19c) or "Timeless Eternal Emblem" (28c). "Sacrifice at Midnight" should be removed from its current "medium-value fragment" rule, it will be catched by rule in section "[2811] Remaining Map Fragments" which handles all remaining items of class "Map Fragments". Therefore, all sacrifice fragments will be in the same rule.

As a demonstration of suggested changes, i'm listing selectors of two rules mentioned above from customized item filter i'm using:

# high-value fragments - Maraketh and Templar emblems, any Chayula's breachstones, any pure breachstones
Class "Map Fragments"
BaseType "Timeless Maraketh Emblem" "Timeless Templar Emblem" "Chayula's" "Pure Breachstone"

# medium-value fragments - 3 remaining emblems, all remaining breachstones, all 4 mortal fragments, all 4 guardian/shaper fragments, all 4 pale court fragments/keys, no sacrifice fragments
Class "Map Fragments"
BaseType "Emblem" "Breachstone" "Mortal" "Fragment of the" "'s Key"

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