NeverSink's LOOTFILTER v6.65a♦ in-depth ♦ endgame+leveling 2in1 ♦ user-friendly ♦ multiversion

As usuall THX for Your work :)
Thank you very much for all your hard work, as always. :)
you have forgotten to add the new preset: soft to the first page.
and regular is still the default one on filterblade.

I really like the new colors. Thx for your great work!
Asag wrote:
I really like the new colors. Thx for your great work!

Awesome work as always. Thanks very much.
"Gratitude is wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk." Rumi
US Mountain Time Zone
yes, as always....halt die ohren steif!
Thank you!!!
is there a complete colours guide somewhere, i found one i couldn't work out what it meant today not seen before, red text black background?
Is anyone else finding some of the lower currencies (Chromatic Orb for example) seeming quieter than in the previous version (The dropsound) or is it just placebo and I'm going crazy? Very possible also. :p

But been using your filter for a while and I really like it. Very simple very minimalistic. Thanks for all the hard work. :)

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