What's Being Kept from Torment/Bloodlines?

From what I've heard about Bloodlines I don't want to have to deal with them.
Also reducing strongboxes to make way for those troll ghosts? No thanks; strongboxes are some of the best things to find, even when they're trapped+exile it's a welcome rush trying to survive since I had to make the decision to open them myself.
That weird self found player who doesn't aim for any build? Yeah that's me, hi.
Self-Found No-Death No-Log Merciless Dom; hell yeah! Now will I ever do it in HC...? Oh dear.
P.S. Please delete Magnus and all Devourers.
Fenral wrote:
Magnicon wrote:
I would prefer the spirits not being added unless its with whatever AI improvements can be made. If they are more rare, and you finally find one, and it runs into a corner, its just going to be more disappointing than it already is.
Fenral wrote:
I strongly dislike the idea behind nemesis mods or bloodlines mods. Slapping random abilities onto random monsters is just RNG. It adds nothing meaningful or substantial, and is honestly one of the things I disliked most about diablo 3 rare/champion monsters.

I don't think it has any place in this game outside of a map mod or zana mod.

How is it any different than what rares automatically have? Random properties that cover a wide range of potential threat. Its a core feature of pretty much every single ARPG.

Also, links should literally be deleted from the game.

The mods that rares have outside of nemesis mods only enhance the abilities of the base monster. Which is what I am fighting. They don't give that base monster a completely unrelated brand-new ability.

If you want me to fight a stronger, faster, more resistant enemy, that's one thing. Buff those mods. That's fine. But when that enemy, which happens to have no affiliation with magic in any way, shape, or form, starts raining lightning bolts from the sky, there's a very obvious thematic problem going on.

"Please make the game as monotonous as possible"
philosoaper wrote:
having to drag one or two around you the entire map because the group is somewhere else.. was anything but fun...

lol, this. Also, I always enjoy spawning 10 lightning wave totems in a narrow passage that I have to go through. yah -_- And abexoth should drop an anni for my troubles. :D
Just gonna post my thoughts.

Remove or change P-Link and Necrovigil, make the dangerous ones like living blood and voidspawn rare occurrences (just make them tormented Spirit rarity, because you would hardly ever see them :D), and tone down some of the rest.
Ohhhhhh boy, spirits are gonna be fun :)
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