What's Being Kept from Torment/Bloodlines?

i am verry happy that you recognice, that pvp has not so much followers.

They make big noise, but i think most people dont like pvp so much.

And great that pve come back to focus.

From what I've been reading about Bloodlines content being added to core content, I cannot stand for this decision.

I mainly play melee characters in Standard, and a bunch of these BL mods scream anti-melee fun. (As if having to deal with ice/flame/lightning+bloods was bad enough from the Nemesis inclusion.)

I feel like the game is progressively moving away from being melee, and this is part of it. Please reconsider. Remember what happened when you tried to include Invasion into the core game? People were not happy at the imbalance, not in the core game.
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Tormented spirits were cool (but basically mythical) but the Bloodlines mods did NOT add anything cool to the game. Sorry guys, it was a good experiment, just didn't do anything for us.
Pomerania wrote:
Qarl wrote:

Tormented Spirits are an interesting game element to add to areas. While there’s more we can improve with their AI, the additional challenge and item drops have been popular. We’ll be rolling them into the core game, though at a lower spawn rate than they currently have.

Lower? Can be lower? Lower than "close to zero" is "almost zero" or alredy "zero"?

Lower as in negative value.
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I hope they don't drop the rate of strongbox appearances much, they're by far my favourite 'random' element, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Most of the boxes give useless stuff (as they should) but its so cool when you finally find an arcanist or carto (even if they have been nerfed they're still a cool moment) that they shouldn't make them even rarer. Moments like these are what make playing ARPG's fun, finding something with potential to be great (and sometimes actually finding good stuff lol).
The torment spirits were a bit meh, best when they infected stuff and actually occupied something, most times their ai was useless.
I assume they are going to decrease Master spawn, if there were an equivalent experience increase (especially in higher levels) then that would be perfectly logical. It was nice to reach some level 8 masters without a ridiculous grind.

I wasn't a fan of bloodlines, p-link was really really annoying and I hated the lightning spiral things in later maps (Btw if p-link were a map mod I'd rather shoot 'something' than actually do it!) I far preferred Invasion (even though the first week was insane), each boss was different and you needed to learn how to defeat them/run depending on your build etc. Scary stuff, especially at first, even though perhaps not rewarding enough but still, it was cool. You never knew where they would pop up, combine with exiles etc.
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See how many supporter packs I bought? ->

If Phylacteral Link is still in the game, I will no longer support this game.
I'm honestly not a huge fan of the Bloodline league mods being added to the game as a whole across the rest of the permanent leagues and upcoming future leagues. Order of the Frozen Sky reminded me way too much of the unavoidable damage in D3 known as Thunderstorm and Jailer affixes, and seeing in the beginning how OotFS could spawn all but instantly on a player with stacking magnitude was an eyesore. It's been toned back for sure, but this is the kind of stuff that worries me about balance and making the mods a bit more fair without outright cutting them out. P-Link has been mentioned plenty and when it seems like it can't be reigned in and given proper limitations, that's a problem, even more so when some other things look to be very anti-melee.

I've played my fair share of both melee and ranged toons, and while this is not to turn into a RvM debate, it's very clear that some of these affixes from Bloodlines are way, way, way too punishing for melee. On another note, I am not enthused about the tormented spirits...they really did seem like a great idea, but if what I read here is true (and it may not be in the end) then I don't want to see them added into the game as a whole either. There's enough grind in the game as it is, and if adding those unreliable mods meant to be more loot-rewarding means scaling back on lockboxes (which I really do enjoy), then no thank you.
I think league only uniques should be added to base game... people may say they will have no point and i agree but the point would be to use them on high maps with that leagues unique so the mods worked in the map but didn't outside it
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Whoaness wrote:
See how many supporter packs I bought? ->

If Phylacteral Link is still in the game, I will no longer support this game.

^. Yup. This is not even drama. Phy link is just annoying, stupid and unfun. Lets just get rid of it as a whole. Replace it with Necro Vigil?
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