1.3.1c Patch and Answers to Developer Q&A

Will there finally be an option for remove-only tabs to delete all items in them?

This sounds good at first glance but is a very dangerous feature. We don't support any form of restoring from player mistakes, so if a player misclicks and destroys all their items, our customer support department wouldn't be able to help them out.

make it like a trade tab - you have to hover over every item before you can accept.
Step 1 - click delete all (remove only tabs only)
Step 2 - hover over every item
Step 3 - Confirm
Step 4 - are you really really sure (optional)

that's a serious dual redundancy that would be hard to complain about
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This was awesome

sadly, only one question about desync and it got evaded... :(

ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
The baby rock golem :3
i'm out of breath from all the scrolling Kappa
Surprised that 4 or my 5 questions were used. One of the answers was slightly infuriating, but I guess you can't expect to like that many answers. Good work overall and some promising info.
Samkiud wrote:
I really wanted this question to be answered:

Is there any plan in the current development to add some sort of in-game guide about the mechanics of the game to make it more friendly for newcomers?

I think this one covers that.
Chris wrote:
Will there be a POE-o-pedia in game with definitions and knowledge?

Probably not in-game, but the PoE wiki is really well maintained and has a lot of information.
Interesting lot of questions & answers. My eye balls are weary!

Think I'll join reddit under a pseudonym and try my question there ;)
The silence on bogus apex/abyss drops is deafening.

Gee thanks for the 20 MTX related answers though... Oh and the idiotic "can I zoom out and change camera angle???" one.. Real important stuff there...
Truly amazing. Thanks for your effort with everything. Can't wait for new supporter packs!. Also Melee changes that you seem very confident about!!
Wow, it's great to see that so many questions were answered. So many times while reading that I expected it to be the end, but then I scrolled down and saw even more! I'm excited to see what "two things" are going to be between the current challenge leagues and Act 4.
This was a great read and I'm glad to see one of my questions answered. This makes me look forward to the changes the expansion will bring even more.

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