1.3.1c Patch and Answers to Developer Q&A

Chris, thank you for taking so much time to answer all the community questions, even if you're a huge troll.

(Also, please do more with the Beyond demons, they're awesome!)
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awesome, thanks chris!
Do you think there is room for mercs/companions in PoE?

Yes, eventually.

Yup. I'm sold...again.
I love pie.
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Chris & Co (and Cobb, AHHAHAHAHA).
"Tangata ako ana i te whare, te turanga ki te marae, tau ana"
awesome, thanks chris for q&a
"Ugh, well looks like this is gonna be a shitty Q&A where they just pick and cho---"

*starts scrolling*

"Well, probably not going to be that muc---"

*keeps scrolling, sweats a bit*

"Um... huh.. huh... but.. surely it will"

*keep scrolling, sweat begins to seep through shirt*

"What is this"
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I'm impressed to see so many questions answered.

It's good that you addressed the netcode, Chris. That's the #1 improvement I want. I know we don't want cheaters, but I've been burned in hardcore too many times.

I would gladly donate hundreds of dollars if it meant taking a several month break from PoE and allowing you guys to tidy up the netcode.

It's truly the one thing that is preventing this game from being my favorite game of all time. Until then, it will be marred by desync.

Thanks for the community engagement once again. It sets you apart from so many other developers. I'm looking forward to getting back into PoE with Act 4.

thank you very much :)
I need more purple titles
I really wanted this question to be answered:

Samkiud wrote:
Is there any plan in the current development to add some sort of in-game guide about the mechanics of the game to make it more friendly for newcomers?
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Oh wow. So many of my questions are answered!! :D I didn't expect that. Thank you!!
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