1.3.1c Patch and Answers to Developer Q&A

This was the best thing GGG would do for the current state of the Path of Exile community.
Answering community questions is great, so props for that, GGG!

Are there any plans for competitive gameplay outside of racing and PvP?

Yes, though those ideas are early enough that there's nothing to say about them yet. Some types of PvP that requires less up-front item investment would be popular.

Are there any plans for competitive gameplay outside of racing and PvP?
Some types of PvP that requires less up-front item investment would be popular.


Imho it was about something like map-raiding or anything similiar. Because currently we have (mostly) those means to compete:
-Race Points (and low lvl PoE with ice nova again, and again, and again, whatever current racing meta is is imho a boringfest!)
-getting to level 100 in a new league (and the value of level 100 in softcore decreases dramaticaly, while in hc it might just take a while)
-Killing the best hyper mega last boss/clearing the new unique map to brag about it on youtube (and the value of the kill decreases with every kill... what was the last mega boss? Atziri?)

Getting the best gear and best farm is far from being rewarding for competition with other players. Because there is none. You are playing against the PvE content.
Imho we could at least have events like:
- an unique map (so we have to buy the entrance) with waves of monsters increasing in strenght, with set spawn rates or if you kill them all you spawn them instantly, who gets to the highest level gets some points or rewards or whatever. At least this would be some form of competition focused about lategame (which imho is where poe is fun and where most players are aiming at)

3 frigging years and no trade system in a trade based game is ludicrous.
this. Trade chat is an ureadable mess. There has to be a better way, marketstands, auction house or whatever. Having to rely on external sites is pretty cumbersome.
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My questions weren't answered.
Will there finally be an option for remove-only tabs to delete all items in them?

This sounds good at first glance but is a very dangerous feature. We don't support any form of restoring from player mistakes, so if a player misclicks and destroys all their items, our customer support department wouldn't be able to help them out.

Regarding misclick concerns: implementing as a console command, and a warning pop up, would seem to address this issue.
"Are there gonna be any synchronization improvements in the/prior to act 4 expansion?
Will the desync issue ever be dealt with or improved?"


Alright, guys; I'm holding you to that!!
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Vaphobos wrote:
Will we be seeing a nerf for any bow skills before 1.4 launches?

We are not planning on deploying major balance changes prior to the next expansion.


Discharge, Crit/CoC, mjolner, tornado shot, OP perfect roll rare items? Those are killing the fun and breaking the game. Your balance team should work harder.

maybe if you actually supported the game you would have a right to complain
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"A lot of players believe that melee is still not in a particularly good place. What are your thoughts/plans on this?

This has dominated our thoughts for a while now and it's taken care of in the expansion."

I am dying to hear what they have prepared for us melee lovers!
ggg, your dedication is showing.

imo, one of the best dev teams in the biz and deserve all the success possible. cheers.
Hey...is this thing on?
I thoroughly disapprove of that post...it caused me to lose at least 20 minutes of game play time -_-

*nice job GGG...both informative and titilating*
I wonder if (offline) message logs will be implemented or not. It helps a lot for trading and tremendously for frequent disconnection, I can attest to the latter, even if only private/party messages are logged.

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