1.3.1c Patch and Answers to Developer Q&A

GodlyMe wrote:
I don't have anything to announce about trading improvements at this stage.

This is extremely disappointing, it has been 3 years and you can't even hint at what's going on with trading?


You won't be seeing any more money from me until something is done about this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I can't believe this is all you have to say about this.

I hate to sound threatening, but you need to do something about this soon, or I'm gone.

3 frigging years and no trade system in a trade based game is ludicrous.

I think XYZ or Poe trade is also killing server performance. Give us an auction house already please thanks!
Chris, thanks for taking the time to post a comprehensive update about
the games direction. I love learning about your teams process and
progress. A lot of us do.

Also, All hail Lord Mark, master of gameplay.

I actually didn't have time to finish reading the post!
and I don't have any time to play either but hooray anyway :D

gotta go! thanks guys :D

will check this all out when my contract is over....

for now, torment was plenty fun and I got most of what I wanted
out of it. might skip next league tho... but that's a time issue.

awesome job on everything :D
Awesome read, thank you!
IGN Ken__Kaniff
I read it all, thanks!
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Does GGG plan to monetize beyond microtransactions?

The Beyond demons would be an interesting thing to theme microtransactions around. There is, however, a risk that Abaxoth might be summoned.

I read the question differently.
I thought the question was more.. Will the game remain free-to-play? Do you intend to become pay-to-win? Will you ever charge for expansions and/or the base game?

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to my interpretation of the original question (NO) but I was confused by the answer given and had to reread. Still confused.

w/e just take my money.
Hideout of the Week: Joe Schmoe VS. The Volcano

Still available in Standard.
You are welcome to see it for yourself anytime.
Will we be seeing a nerf for any bow skills before 1.4 launches?

We are not planning on deploying major balance changes prior to the next expansion.


Discharge, Crit/CoC, mjolner, tornado shot, OP perfect roll rare items? Those are killing the fun and breaking the game. Your balance team should work harder.

Have you considered adding an option to see our own health/es as bars hovering over our character?

I personally managed to miss this as being a QOL request from players. I'll talk to the team. Can someone please PM me to explain the reasoning behind it. Thanks.

THIS is proving you're sill a noob Chris! Since the very beginning I said it and it is still true. When are you going to stop using Builds of the week and start playing your own game at high level for real???

A lot of players believe that melee is still not in a particularly good place. What are your thoughts/plans on this?

This has dominated our thoughts for a while now and it's taken care of in the expansion.

Are their any regrets with PoEs current pricing model or are you generally happy with the results?

Free-to-play is awesome. No regrets there.

Chris, is there anything in the game that you feel doesn't work as intended/as expected? In a general sense do you feel like you could have done a bit better in a certain area and intend to work on it?

I don't like the lock-in that occurs when you want to to swap a rare item you're using for better one that has worse sockets (which require a heap of work to roll first). Over time we've been gradually making this easier, but it's still not there yet.
WOW It took you YEARS to finally NOTICE THIS?????????????????????????? OMFG! Should we clap our hands?

Any chance to see some love for people who mainly play summoner?

Did you finally pay attention to those hundreds of message about how shitty It is to have spectres scaling down and how difficult It is to find the right kind of spectre at the right level???
If we can't get recipes to use up extra gems, can we at least stack them if they are the same level\quality. Maybe with a prompt saying you will lose all current experience in the gems current level. I mean how big are gems compared to orbs?

And please let us search the entire stash at once, highlighting tabs that contain the text, not just the items in the tab.

Tab autosort\alphasort please!

Will we ever see the high-res versions of the 2D unique item art in some sort of in-game gallery?

We generally don't have high-res versions of item artwork. It's really expensive to make stuff larger than it needs to be made.

I see that a concept for a Weapon that got a texture resolution of maybe 512x512 at max does not necessarily need to be any higher resolution than that.

Even tho, I would greatly appreciate a source to check out some of your concepts, no matter whats their resolution.
Certainly most of your concepts are of higher resolution than this:

(I'm currently working on a 3D-model for the Terminus Est, but not even it's supporter can supply me with any higher res artwork for it.)

Quite some other Games forums seem to allow the artists to post some of their older works, if not even showcase them in a weekly format or development updates.

Of course this all goes by the assumption that there isn't a issue with a non disclosure agreement, but seeing how some of your concepts are already showcased in the credits, I think there isn't such a issue present.

Also, I don't think it needs to be a in-game gallery whatsoever, you could use the Forums for that just as well.

P.S. If anyone agrees, this is just my suggestion post bout it. Maybe we can bring this up again.
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Nice ty

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