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jeż wrote:
are there rly nine masters? o.O i thought we have 8, 7 for each class and Leo. Im confused.

i think chris meant to say arnt there already 8 or maybe a clue that a 9 one is on the way since the original Question was will there be an 8 master.

or chris was trolling for fun, bc then in a later Question was ask will there be any masters added and he ended up saying probably yes for the future, but not when act 4 is released wont contain any but then says yes for the future. chris is giving riddles. and i am half awake.
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Krillson, Fishermaster. You need some luck to spot him in-game.

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Chris wrote:
Do you have any ideas for gem sinks? I'd like a recipe that adds quality (like any leveled gem + 20 lvl 1's = +1Q on lvld gem).

We like gems to be easily available. We wouldn't want to add a recipe that might make us regret how easy it is to get gems.

Trouble is, the answer doesn't answer the question.

This question isn't making gems unavailable; rather making the gems we already have be useful in the first place. It is asking to use the surplus of acquired gems into a formula adding quality to another gem that's already in one's possession.

Alternatively, there are now some Vaal gems that completely are worthless, given the rather uncommon corrupted areas in which to acquire more pieces or Vaal gems in the first place. The Vaal Orb recipe was decent when first released, whereas now it is not the case due to the value of the fragments are higher (given the less common appearance of corrupted areas)
Glad to see so many answers, including to a few of mine directly or indirectly. And just enough teasing to keep people interested.
Woah thanks for this thread
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Chris wrote:

What do you think about a master dedicated to trading?

We almost had a master trading system but we eventually decided it'd be bad for the game in the form we were planning.

What's the state of trading improvements? Are they gonna be ready for expansion release?

I don't have anything to announce about trading improvements at this stage.

I sadfaced pretty hard at this, since in-game trading is the main feature I'm interested in. I play solo, and HATE third-party anything with a fiery all-incinerating hatred, so a robust offline (but official) trading system would improve my playlife by several orders of magnitude. I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way, since trading turned up over and over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER again in the questions thread.

That said, I appreciated the time you took to answer these questions and I hope a lot of the "maybe some day"s turn into "here's that thing you wanted"s soon!

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I ask this every single post I make just about, will we see any more chaos spells? and do you ever plan to change the poison effect to something more satisfying?
I red all of it and didn't regret it seeing the last line! Finally ;D
kiwi nation
I don't have anything to announce about trading improvements at this stage.

This is extremely disappointing, it has been 3 years and you can't even hint at what's going on with trading?


You won't be seeing any more money from me until something is done about this, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I can't believe this is all you have to say about this.

I hate to sound threatening, but you need to do something about this soon, or I'm gone.

3 frigging years and no trade system in a trade based game is ludicrous.
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Why don't you make more alternative skin effects, especially for launching new skills with more than one MTX available, as well as FOTM skills. Wouldn't that boost their sales?

I'd love to sell more skill effects, but most of our effects artists are working on future content currently.

I think it wouldnt be very hard at all to color swap current things. Would it really be that hard to change your green searing bond that already exists blue?

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