1.3.1 Patch Notes

so excited :D
Hey this is a signature! pretty cool stuff...yeah...
please make offline trading!
Hopefully changes to strongboxes will make it so the game doesnt always freeze when activating one!:)
Well, from these damage adjustments.. I feel season 2 is going to be nearly the exact same. There needs to be way larger penalties, especially overall.
very light patch, quite disapointed.
IGN TylordRampage
I was wondering what happened to those illusions in the cavern of anger. Noticed they wern't there anymore, glad that fixed.
Beyond nerf.Meh.
was expecting more QoL....
rip beyond, i made so much currency on torment bc of that

what up cuzz
Nice ! Can't wait to see the new uniques and the hall of grandmaster :)

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