1.3.1 Patch Notes

Great idea, nerf the single funnest thing to do in your dying game.
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Still hoping to see: Level 1 masters give substantially easier quests. For solo/self-found/HC, I'm 0 for 5 with Zana and have given up trying.
• Fixed a bug where Merveil's illusions weren't appearing in The Cavern of Anger.

I'm glad they are back. Nice patch overall!
Path Of Exile Community Highlights
No new skillgems : (

Cyclone MARA Beginners and Advanced Guide.
Added a visual effect to players or monsters that are under the effect of Elemental Equilibrium.

This and QoL stash changes are going to destroy my night. 14 min

Oh and ofc new uniques as always!
"Strongboxes now spawn packs of monsters in quick succession, instead of all at once."

Nice one.

Also, evidently Na'em and Aboxoth originally had their loot drops mixed up?
Casually casual.

WTB a Discharge microtransaction skill gem effect
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"General Balance:
Scold's Bridle no longer damages totems, traps or mines."

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GGG_Neon wrote:
Version 1.3.1
  • Strongboxes now spawn packs of monsters in quick succession, instead of all at once.

This is so good.
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