Race Season Ten Prizes, Patch 1.3.0k and Cheating

Grow some balls.

Cheaters don't deserve a warning regardless of how many supporter packs they have.

Everything is tainted is all I got out of this announcement.
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I wish someone would just create a QOL tool without the maphack or any of the other "cheat" tools.

- I hate having the wiki up just to check on mod tiers that I haven't memorized on rares. Just fucking tell me what tier it is on the rare itself. Is it meant to be a mystery?

- I want to be able to turn off particle effects with a single button. I like having them on but on 6 player parties when things get a little hectic, being able to turn them off so I can actually see the map helps.

FYI, I did use the third party program in question, but I did not get a warning, probably because I disabled all of the "hack" tools in the config file. But after all this, I'm afraid to even start the app fearing I will lose my entire account.
I would give a hacker aura to the ones who got warnings

Publicly show the community the aura so everyone in game knows they hacked


make it so their footsteps make fart sounds

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Big_Ben87 wrote:
I would give a hacker aura to the ones who got warnings

Publicly show the community the aura so everyone in game knows they hacked


make it so their footsteps make fart sounds


I like it.... or disable trading and dropping items on the ground for their account.
echo "The world is full of smart people" |sed -e 's/smart people/sheep/'
First of all I totally agree, that "real" cheating bad for the game and thus should be punished. I'm generally against permanent banns, especially on first time offenses - thus issuing a warning seems fine in the case of PvE Cheating Violations. In a competitive environment an immediate ban for duration of one or two Leagues seems more reasonable. In my opinion anyone accused of cheating (or any other ToS violation) should given the opportunity to defend himself (as there may well be false 'cheating' detections).

Concerning Quality of Live improvements - and I'm sure this has been said before - multi-key macros such as '/oos' and '/itemlevel' are only used because the in-game mechanics are barely usable at best.

GGG please at least provide an option to define key-binding for the common cases ('/oos', '/itemlevel', '/hideout', and maybe 'exit to login screen').

Cheating in a competitive environment will most likely result in an arms race between GGG and the cheaters. Form a technical standpoint a cheat can be considered as a 'malware' program and it thus at least as hard to detect. it is thus impossible to full prevent cheating without taking full control of the client system, which of course is neither practical nor acceptable.

Form my point of view any client side 'anti-cheating' is most likely to cause more harm than good (as many failed attempts to establish a secure 'Copy Protection' / 'DRM' system have shown).

I have no solution on how to prevent cheating in a 'high-stakes' events, other then limiting the effectiveness (e.g. reveal the map to all players). Maybe recording the user interactions for a later replay / review if the player is suspected to be cheating might also help...
this should be done loooong time ago. I suspect those over level 90 already used it for so long. lol
Apologies if this has been answered already. I am very new to this game - ie, less than 3 weeks so I don't know a lot about it.

To the point, I installed Acquisition, which to my understanding is like Procurement, and it seems like it is kind of required for keeping track of / and selling gear. Is Acquisition banned also?

Thanks in advance for the response as I would not want to get banned!
chickie wrote:
this should be done loooong time ago. I suspect those over level 90 already used it for so long. lol

This is so cute - you are max lvl of 87, have 3 characters and go ahead and accuse everyone above level 90 of cheating. Awwwwww.
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Btw, is the POE-ItemInfo is outlaw now? (shows avr. dps, itmLvl and aff./suff)?
Chris wrote:
Frequently requested quality of life issues will be addressed, don't worry!

 Yes, yes, when pigs fly... or is that toasters? (screen savers do not count). Please don't BS us to death with your "don't worry" as you know unless you relinquish some of the processing of exile and mob position/movement to the client that your action prediction server side code just isn't good enough and the massive desync it causes is killing our exile and making us (the puppet masters who control the exile) very unhappy.

Note: For those who came in late read this: Client-server Action Synchronisation

Edit: Hey Chris, since you now claim to be able to detect maphack and other similar cheats then my previous comment about client code encryption and decrypting on the fly to stop hacks has validity and should be used to protect the client code and thus you can move the critical exile/mob movement calculations to the client to reduce desync. Yes, I know I am not a programmer and haven't a clue as to how difficult encoding/decoding logic is but some kind of "on the fly" checksum of critical client side code is required to detect any hacks at all. We have hash codes for other free software so that we can know what we download hasn't been hacked with malware so different sections of PoE could have a hash code and upon entering a zone a quick re-calc of important client side code could be done to see if it's intact (not hacked). Give this some consideration. The QOL is extremely bad what with all the desync.
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Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
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