Race Season Ten Prizes, Patch 1.3.0k and Cheating

line'em up and mow'em down chris!
Nothing better than seeing cheaters get wrecked.
IGN : Jovial
anti cheat PogChamp
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
I love this announcement
Crush those cheats!

Keep em coming.
Steam: teemu92
I appreciate the steps being taken to rid us of cheaters, I wish you had banned them all however as cheaters do not deserve the warning.
Like most everything else, GGG got around to this eventually. Good job!
Awh yuuup! GGG is laying down the law!

I respect that enough mercy was shown to give them a final warning
A warning only?

The warning goes with how much suspension time?
IGN: Pumar, Pumam , PumarR , PumaPunch , PumaWander , PumaCleave, PumaSlams

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