Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

What I'm Looking For:
A guild that is friendly and we can help...

About Me:
Hi there! I'm a returning player on PC. That I am not really into a leauges player. kind of standard lord. like to share items and some times.

My Gameplay:
well, there are two things ı can do Ranger and Slayer. One of the best.

Character Name: POEPlayTest

Thank you!

I am new player, but excited to game.
Prefer CZ / SK / English guilds

Name: Focll

Hi, I'm about a month into this game and was looking for a guild to join. Preferably people who enjoy chatting and can help me learn the mechanics and stuff. Cheers!

Edit: Ingame name = Pennutz
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Hi, I'm a returning player on PC. That I am a Standard League player

My inGameName :ZALAMOS

New player looking for a guild to meet new people and enjoy something new with. Still learning.

In game name Teberius
any guilds recruiting?
karlosxskull1 wrote:
any guilds recruiting?

First two topics in this subcathegory contain communities for certain countries/regions and guilds.

Browse those and apply/whisper the people that can be contacted.

Posting here has zero chance of getting you into a guild as most people rarely browse this part of the forum because they're either in a guild or are not interested in joining one.
Hello! 3k hours player returning to Beach. I try to be helpfull and take pride on helping friend for free.

EU based

IGN Hoerpsupp
This channel is no more used to find guilds and I think it's incredibly hard to find any. The previous league I didn't find any although I was looking on a weekly basis (7-years old player here).
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Can we un-sticky this post please? Global 100 has not been the guild recruitment channel for YEARS and its ridiculous to send new players here asking for guilds when no one recruits there anyway. There are discord channels on the official POE server that are used for guild recruitment now.
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