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JUNKIE recruiting. If you are as addicted to POE as I am this is the guild for you! Looking for old and new players alike. Message me in game @JunkieFR for an invite. Discord in the works.
Hello there!

Long time poe player returning after a couple of years of hiatus. I used to play on PC but now its on PS4. I'm a mature man with a decent amount of time to play. I am looking to play with other mature, friendly people :-) . Endgame content is tough and having friends to tag along would be great. I have a mic, my natural language is french but im okay with english, as you see. US server.

Have a great day and thank you!

Casual french player on pc looking for Other french players to play with (on pc). Feel free to add me on discord : Thomas Skarfield#5896
IGN: Ведьмяша

I play on PS in the Expedition league, I have a lot of experience, but I started playing again a couple of days ago after a long break. I am 28 years old playing through the Moscow gateway.

I am looking for a guild that will help me more easily adapt to changes and go on the path to glory with them!) Desirable without the obligatory voice communication,
my english is bad and i play mostly at work.

IGN deanerbob89
PSN Deanerbob89
Another new PS player here looking for a guild.
I don't get to play for multiple hours everyday but I try to get an hour or two a day when possible. Ruined a marauder build already so now I'm running a LVL 40ish tornado ranger, as well as starting a necro witch.
I'd ideally like to find some more Canadians to team up with but not picky.
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LF a guild
LF Aussie guild or NZ ( NZ is close to aussie lol )

long term casual player mostly leagues and some standard

have Numerous lv 100's

Looking for a Guild IGN: KaylaxXx

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After a 3 year break, returning. Looking for a nice, easy going game. Won't play daily, due to work, sport and friends.

At the moment running solo maps, but it's not as fun as playing with ppl in a guild.

European based and play pc.
Looking for guild @gallon360

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