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New-ish player to game looking for a casual guild with no expectations. I started this game less then 3 weeks ago. Still in the middle of figuring out the game and leveling characters (in Heist) to see which ones I like. I am a much older player and have no set schedule of when I will be on.
New to PoE, came over from D2 so I'm not new to this style game.

Looking for an active friendly guild to join.
Returning player looking for a good casual EU guild to be a part of! :)
I want to play in a EU hardcore guild, casual play
Looking for a guild. I usualy play 4-5 days a week
Looking for a active guild with experienced players. Im a passionate solo player wanting to take the next step and learn from others. I play like 12h/day on the first weeks of league starts and very active after that. Latest lvl 95 on heist flashback race. Finnish/31 years old.
Looking for a active guild with experienced players. Im searching players for grinding currency together. In Heist league I did 40 challenges and Lv. 100.
Been playing PoE since beta, but I'd love to join an AU-based guild that is active, Softcore and has a discord. I've played 5+ years hardcore but I think it's time for me to actually explore the full content the game has on offer since I well.. sucked at HC.
Please PM/reply - would love to get into PoE quite deeply as the new content release is only days away!

Recruiting for Ritual League/Echoes of the Atlas!

Head over to our Guild Thread to find out more info ✌️
Recruiting for Archnemesis League/Siege of the Atlas!
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Hello everyone. I am a kind half new. Played on and off for quite some years. Not supergood with the skilltree, but I know my way around a arpg and have killed all content so far every league i hav played. Swedish guy, age 29+ :s...

Looking for a european guild that plays SC league

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