Guild Recruitment Channel: Global Chat #100

LF Guild
Gateway: NA-Midwest
IGN: Jomidi
League: Temp HC

I played a bit when it first came out and stopped for awhile. Restarted playing this year and made it level 70 in THC and want to do better in the next league.
To those that are looking for guilds posting above, this thread is to let you know that you should go to /global 100 in game and try to find guild. Alternately you can browse, The Guild Directory and try to contact leaders if you're interested in joining of the listed guilds. Good Luck!

Recruiting for Archnemesis League/Siege of the Atlas!
Umbra Exiles:
The Official Path of Exile Guild Directory:
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Global 100 is dead I cant find anyone in it. No replies. Is there another place i can find guilds.
agreed, 100 is pointless if absolutely no1 is going to be monitoring it. 2 days and the only other person is trying to find a guild just like me -_-
I just found out about this channel and will participate. I own one of the oldest romanian guilds and need more players.

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I need a guild, I had one but the players weren't active at all.
dead channel...
LF Guild

Gateway: EU

League: standard mostly (but im leveling chars in temp leagues also)

IGN: Frenchlion / Sabiha

LF serious guild with members playing on a regular basis and organizing groups for high tier maps etc.
I cannot always TS tho (not the evening).
I am French btw, 35 y/o. Playing at random times, regularly.
Currently building an aurabot (necro full support) 82, and I'd love to help parties when I'm online.
I have about 10 level 70+ chars
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