[3.14] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner friendly Lightning Caster

I got a pretty good amulet with lvl22 Wrath. Is there any other good gem I could put in the Essence worm? Herald of Ice perhaps for bigger explosions?
Any suggestion for the encounter II challenge "Defeat The Broken Prince, The Hollow Lady and The Fallen Queen in that order"? When using arc it is not possible. Which spell should I use instead arc? And how can I protect the char from being killed while hopping around in hope to seperate one boss from another?

Same here. I tried with lightning spire trap and gave up. DPS was there but I was getting wrecked while trying to aim for correct mob. Could be something to do with map mods though(vulnerability and multi projectiles).
@Tycoq: Stephalem's advice regarding Inpulsa's is great, just follow that.

Other than that, start with getting the right flask setup, get a new helmet and Essence Worm and since it appears you wanna go the block route, also Rumi's Concoction. Also remove Herald of Thunder and switch to the endgame gem setup, with Tempest Shield in the second CwDt setup. And remove the point you've invested into Pain Attunement.

@burtoncliff: Nope, Wrath has to be in Essence Worm or it would reserve too much mana for us. Herald of Ice also wouldn't do anything for us since we can't freeze.

@Stephalem & gfurm: That encounter is actually not that hard with this build since the bosses spawn at different times. Start with killing the initial pack from range, so the first boss spawn won't get triggered and dies. Now let the first boss spawn and drag it to one far corner with Decoy Totem, then go to the next furthest corner so it won't follow you and repeat this with the second boss. Once the third boss spawns, drag him a little away and then kill them in the right order, Arc won't chain to the others when keeping enough distance.
can I Haste in the place of Clarity?
magnushiden wrote:
can I Haste in the place of Clarity?

No, that would reserve too much mana and you'd lose a good part of mana sustain.
if you get blind on shaped gloves, which gem would you replace it with
Enki I have to congratulate and thank you for this amazing build guide and the time you take to properly answer all questions.
It's easily in the top written build guide that I have read and used on this forum (with Afhack's), so many details and so well explained.

Hope you do other ones in the future.
Hi Enki - thanks for the guide and all the advice - great work.

I am nearing endgame, could you provide some advice on how to improve my gear with apodicta?
Working on getting a watchers eye as my next upgrade.

Having a little bit of trouble when I get hit hard out of nowhere and have no mana and minimal health. Not having an oh shit button especially for mana is causing trouble.

I like Ahn's a lot but I'm not attached to it if there's better options. That would also free up two jewel slots which would likely make up for lack of perma onslaught. Suggestions?

I'm also apparently the one person playing poe that hates using shield charge. I never really use it even though I have it linked. Is there any other way to proc fort reliably. Maybe a CWDT setup?
What about the 40% Arc damage helmet enchant?
I don't see how it is worse than the +1 chain, let alone the other 2 you mentioned.

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