[3.14] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner friendly Lightning Caster

@fixer0: How consistently can you keep up Frenzy Charges with Overcharged? That's pretty much the only gain from this node, as the Spell Damage from Power Charges is easily beaten by mods of a rare jewel. What you could do is couple this with a nice corrupted Aylardex for additional Mind over Matter-effect together with Power Charges.

Loreweave locks your maximum resistance to the stated value, so you can't go above 80% at most with it.

I've compared Impresence with other choices and due to the less curse effect on bosses, I'd say it's not worth it. DPS-wise it's only 2.6% better than either an amulet with Spell Damage + Cast Speed or a blue shaper amulet with just the Penetration mod, add cast speed to that and it's already betetr than Impresence and you have additional sockets for another defensive trigger.

Bisco should be alright for lower tiers, I've heard it's really good for Incursions but couldn't test it myself yet since i'm playing SSF.

I've also checked your char and would recommend you to improve your flask setup and get a reliable way for mana sustain, Watcher's Eye is the best solution here. Flasks should be what's shown in the section, i'd recommend for you an Eternal Life, Basalt, Sulphur, Wise Oak, Atziri's Promise setup.

@KCCO: There's no more point, thought I had it mentioned in the guide but apparantly forgot to do so, so thanks for bringing it to my attention! Just replace the support with your second golem gem.

@stevilg: It's not worth it. Those colors seem to be worth 1.5-2ex so just sell it and save that money for a 6L Inpulsa's, or buy a +1 Tabula and unlinked Inpulsa's and try to 6L that one.

@UhYuuki: It's about 2% better than an Opal Ring with Lightning Damage%, if you don't need resistances or mana then I guess it's ok to use. Its true power unlocks if you can somehow manage to get an Elder Essence Worm, that would result in a 13% damage boost but you gotta get lucky with scour chancing this or buy one of the overpriced ones on market.

@misu2315: You will mostly trigger EO with Orb of Storms, that skill has 8% crit chance with our base tree and produces so many individual hits that you get the buff up quickly. For clearing it's usually not needed anyway, only if there's multiple damage-reducing mods i'd recommend to drop Orb of Storms into packs to keep EO up.

@Thyan: My helmet and cloak are from older supporter packs, Journeyman and Outlaw respectively. The shield is Badge of Skulls, which should still be available in the store.

@FabulousFubar: Nothing special needed, if you just follow what's recommended in the guide and check the buffs on poelab then it'll be easy.

@SerenadeX8: You're missing a reliable way to sustain mana and a Basalt Flask, also your gem setup is not optimal. HoT reserves too much mana for nothing and you have no Decoy Totem or second CwDt trigger, the Vortex setup really helps here.
Enki91 wrote:
@fixer0: How...

It ain't a problem to keep them up if mobs keep coming, tho it could be a bit better but I am comfortable with my current setup and haven't had any issues so far.

Clear speed is still insane although I am still looking for some superior amulet to swap with it. And there might be some more interesting choices.

I was thinking about getting Watcher's Eye but the price is kinda ridiculous with the mods I would use.

I know my Flask setup is trash, but as long as I got no issues clearing I don't intend to change it.
I am so big and ugly guy!
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Just killed Uber Elder in Standard, now this build is officially viable for all content :)

I've tried to record the run but died 3x, was the second time I've ever done this fight on any build so I guess that's acceptable. I know my gear in Standard is very good, but except for the +3 Arc chains enchant and legacy Wise Oak, everything is attainable in a temp league and the fact that my Vaal Arc is only Lv20 equalizes things a little. Guess I gonna give it a try in SSF after reaching 100!
Uber Elder down? Congratulations. But why only deathless vids? It would be more helpful if we knew what we would have to avoid or where we could get in trouble.
BTW, I love the guide. Levelling was the easiest ever, on monday after league start I started mapping. Due to my RL this was very fast for me.
Now in higher maps I die too often, but my gear is far from perfect. And I´m used to play tankier builds, never had a witch.
At least my impulsa has finally 6L, my first one in about a half year.

One question: I have a wrath watcher´s eye and the wrath/essence worm combination. Is it a more reliable way to sustain mana or should I stick to the boots enchantment? Right now I use both, and mana is fine. But later I´d like to switch to the penetration enchantment. Can´t try it right now, I´ve sold all alternative gear for more fusings.

Thanks for the build
Gratz on uber elder!

Just FYI +2 level to socketed duration gem work with vaal arc gem and its much cheaper and better than +1 gem tabula while leveling. BIS item with doble corruption +1 gem and +2 socketed duration gem plus lvl 4 empower and lvl 21 vaal arc gem can reach vaal arc gem lvl 28. Maybe you can add this on your first post.

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Hi enki, thx for this great guide :) I have a few question for you (pretty newb on Poe):

1- since our clear speed is already solid, what do you think about going for the "40% arc dmg" enchant over the "1 additional chain" one to icrease single target damage?

2- if I get the blind gloves, which gem should I add to the orb of storm setup?

3- I'd like to know more about the block setup you mention in the guide. First of all, is it worth to invest in block/spell block for a softcore char? I'm doing good atm, but I am afraid I'll lack survivability later on.
I can get the energy shield, the neck and the gloves with block chance you suggested, tempest shield in the cwdt setup, and I see there are a few nodes near the marauder tree which gives ele res + block%. What else should I look for? Jewels maybe?

Thx again for your effort :p
diablo119 wrote:

2- if I get the blind gloves, which gem should I add to the orb of storm setup?

I will change blind to Increased Area of Effect
@Stephalem: It's mostly due to my perfectionism about this guide, the only thing that video would've shown is that mismanaging the Vortex balls can be very deadly, and that I was too tired to notice Shapers slam at one point.

The Wrath mana leech mod is enough to sustain, you eventually want the Penetration enchant.

@xBayoeLx: True, going to add this to the gear section, thanks!

@diablo119: It sounds weird at first, but the chain enchant actually is a way to increase single target. Arc gets a 15% more damage multiplier for each remaining chain, which is much stronger than that 40% increased Arc damage enchant.

As Stephalem wrote, Inc AoE is usually the best choice, when playing with an Aylardex setup the choice would be Power Charge on Crit.

The block setup can be good for Softcore too, gives you some more room for mistakes. It consists of Tempest Shield, Rathpith Globe or a similar Shaper Shield, Stone of Lazhwar (ideally corrupted for +Block Chance implicit) or a similar Shaper Amulet, Elder Gloves with Block Chance suffix, Rumi's Concoction and optionally jewels with Block Chance or Reckless Defense.
Is MoM an essential part of this build?

1 - I've been running HoT with elemental proliferation as well as two nodes of increased crit, and it's done fairly well for me up to Chapter 10.

2 - I've also had bad luck with resistances and have been using a Purity of Elements gem to make up for that. No mana problems so far, but if I take MoM, I think mana will start being a problem.

I understand MoM is a survivability thing, I'm just wondering if there's an option to run this build without it or if that would kill my endgame potential.
Thank you for the guide Enki!

Used from league start until T14-15 where it gets harder without proper investment, got most of my gear really early in league, quite cheap. Helped me build quite a bit of currency which I'll use on my second char for now :D clears really fast, I did not get Arc enchant (crazy expensive, fricking meta), but the Lightning Golem one helps a lot with clearspeed.
Definetly reccomended to get a Clarity/Wrath watcher's eye if you can,nice QoL improvement.
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