[3.14] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner friendly Lightning Caster

For endgame we choose to use Vaal Arc, which grants both the regular Arc skill and a buffed up Vaal Arc

How does this work?
When I equip Vaal Arc, I get a single cast. Is there something I'm meant to do to switch the gem into normal arc mode?
Is it ok if I use 2 one handed maces? By Using 2 maces, my DPS is much higher than a one handed mace and a shield.
When you slot in Vaal Arc and right click a skill bar button, you can choose either regular Arc or Vaal Arc. To utilize both, you need to assign both. There is no toggle. Each needs its' own assigned key.

"We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not." - Harvest Manifesto 3/10/2021

So unbelievably rediculous it has to be memorialized.
@Celan_Drak: You will lose out on ~2k additional hitpool without MoM, without having anything to make that survivability loss up. It will work up to a certain point, but since i've never tried it I can't tell specifically when it will start becoming an issue.

@Burrosburro: Nice setup, glad you enjoyed the build :)

@zzonci: It's probably more DPS at a lower investment, but you lose the ability to use Shield Charge and any defensive gains some shields can offer. A rare shield can give the same DPS as a second sceptre, although possible at a somewhat higher cost.
Yeah, I just finished Act 10, and the Kitava fight was pretty bad. Clearing is no problem right now, but I can see boss fights will become an issue. Good thing it's time to start the gearing grind, lol. And I have the respec points to play around with the build a little. I still like the extra crit and elemental proliferation, but I see what you mean about the survivability.
I've been doing the 6L Orbs of Storm with Blind and Faster Support (with Power Charges and the amulet) and it has not been doing well. What's your experience with it?

If I am aiming for Uber Elder, which set do you recommend?

Edit: I'm also running the 0 endurance charge build for permanent onslaught. Think it's worth it for uber elder kill?
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Hi Guys, I am playing this build and it's really fun! I'm now entering in the endgame phase, could you please check my gear and tell me what should I aim to upgrade next?

Same as previous post, I need some advices for improvement please :)))

I'm pretty new and I love your build thanks a lot !
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Hey, great guide.

One thing bothers me. In jewel section you advise either normal jewels for inpulsa explosions+shield charge or abyss jewels for shock effect. So generally by choosing abyss jewels you improve bossing instead of mapping qol.

Now can you elaborate how exactly this "increased effect of shock" affects the shock and our dps? What % of increased effect of shock should I achieve?

I assume that our jewels are multiplied by "100% increased Effect of Shock" from vaal arc and that's why it's effective?

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